Steel Series Siberia Neckband Headset

Product Features

  • Made for iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and Apple products
  • Pull out microphone
  • Usable for computers and gaming
  • Comfortable fit

Average Price $79.99

Recommended? A tentative “no”

Steel Series has worked with Apple to create a product that has been optimized for use with their various “i” products you may own. It features a comfortable neckband, snug fit earphones and a pull out microphone. The headphones are compatible for use with computers and gaming as well.

My first experience with the Siberia Neckband was on the computer during a guild dungeon run in World of Warcraft. I was pleasantly surprised with the comfort of the earphones and neckband when I put them on. After a few tweaks on my sound settings, the game sound and Ventrilo came through crystal clear.

The sound quality is where this headset really shines. It is is comparable to a set of good speakers and even streaming music or shows have solid sound quality. I put the headset through the ringer, using it on my iPod Touch, computer and even my Android phone.

There are two issues with the Siberia Headset that I have. The neckband needs a little less return pressure because it tends to go back to it’s original shape too easily. I’d like to see a more comfortable fit for prolonged use so I’m not taking the headset off and readjusting it every so often.

My largest problem is the pull out microphone. It didn’t work. This is the only reason why I can not recommend it to anyone. We have let SteelSeries know that the microphone wasn’t working and it’s possible we have a defective unit. If we receive a new unit with a working microphone, the review will be updated accordingly.

If you look at sound quality alone, the Siberia Headset is a very good pair of headphones to use for multiple devices. Even without the working microphone, I’d venture to say it is worth the $80.00 price tag Steel Series recommends. These headphones are durable, comfortable and very versatile.