Surprise!  After close to a week away from game we came back to find patch 1.4 live!  With it came lots of minor game updates to streamline game play, as well as a few exciting additions to the game of Rift!
What we did this week:Sallennia
  • duh duh duh….I FINALLY completed Expert Deep Strike Mine!, completing the achievement Expert Dungeon…cue music…..
  • Ran through the first stage of the new Saga of the………….quest
  • Levelled my lovely Cleric to 25, woot!  Crypt outside of Granite falls, way better ui, actually light enough to see everything!
  • Accidentally blew 20 plat training a new Outfitter skill, oops!


  • Hit Rank 3 in PvP, and noticed that with the 2 pieces of gear upgrades, I don’t suck quite as much anymore.
  • Going to talk about this now, even though we’re talking about the changes in the patch, but I don’t like that we are now forced to buy each tier of gear.
  • Started the Water Saga, got through Act 1. Actually quite fun, good quests and good story.
  • xDSM. Woot!
  • Dailies for the new event. I WILL get that mossy tartagon!

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News from the Rift

Patch 1.4 hits the live servers!

  • Drowned Halls

    • The Abyssal threat looms large in Drowned Halls, a terrifying sliver in Scarwood where Akylios has conquered Telara. The Ascended must enter this alternate dimension and stop the faceless sorceress Hydriss from leading her forces into other timelines. This 10-player sliver offers rich rewards and terrible dangers to any Guardians and Defiant who brave its apocalyptic events.

  • Every week, strategic focus will shift between Warfronts, and completing the week’s featured Warfront will earn Ascended greater rewards.Whitefall Steppes will feature an alternate “Escalation” mission where combatants must race to charge their side’s cannon with sourcestone shards issuing from an Air Rift.
  • To ensure you get into groups and dungeons faster, the Looking for Group system now works across multiple Shards, swiftly recruiting Ascended to join your quest.
  • * Bind on Pickup items can now be traded to other eligible characters within 30 minutes of looting the item     AND   New items added to your bags (from looting, trading, etc.) are now highlighted in the bag UI the first time they are seen
  • PvP Rifts: More open-world PvP goodness!
  • Quest Item Keyring: Save space in your inventory with an extra bag to hold your quest items
  • Repeatable quests (daily, weekly, etc) no longer count against the 25-quest limit in the quest log.
  • Souls are now available from your friendly neighborhood Calling trainer
  • Added a World Defense chat channel to help with coordination of world pvp activity. Characters must be Level 50 and Prestige rank 2 to use this channel;
  • * The character window stat page now highlights stats that are important for your calling, with tooltip goodness
  • * You can now jump into Warfronts while remaining in the LFG queue and will still receive LFG queue popups.
  • Armor sets and synergy crystal are now for more than raids. Added to the PvP system, available at several of the different ranks. The idea being, as we discussed in episode 19, you can get bonuses depending on how many items of a “set” you are wearing.  I also saw weapon sets, but I haven’t had the chance to look into those, but will for next week.

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Rift S.O.S.

  • How the heck do I start the Water Saga?
    • Faceless Man in Abyssal Precipice for Defiant (can be Regular or Expert, but you do have to make it most of the way through the dungeon), and Cardinal Visc in Sanctum for Guardian. You get a cool mount in the end!
  • From webgenius7466 – A cleric build that he called his “duracell” spec. 36 Inquisitor, 11 Justicar, 19 Sentinel. He says that it has great AOE with some healing and ranged combat. Check out our Facebook page where he’s posted a screenshot of the spec.

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89 Total Votes – Our biggest poll yet.

2) Better than River of Souls, but still flawed. 43%
1) I loved it! 28%
3) I liked River of Souls better 17%
4) World Event? What World Event? 8%
5) Tooooo loooooong! 4%

This week’s poll
Has the LFG tool’s move to cross-shard improved the experience, or made it worse?

It’s worse
Less queue, more idiots

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