This week’s show featured special guest Harry Hol. We discuss TOR raiding, an Otherland MMO, EVE Online changes, threat’s evolution in WoW, WAR: Wrath of Heroes and a new MMO from Frogster.


What we did this week:


Deux Ex
Tiny Tower (iPhone)
Civ 5 (PC)
LOTRO: Dinged 59 on Ronigard, my minstrel, he is at vol 2, book 6. Henric, 65 Champ did two wings of Enedwaith raid.
Frozen Synapse
Level 65 in lotro on my Warden
Getting our first Raid together for my guild in Rift – Drowned Halls
Guild Wars – Working through the Factions campaign, but I think I’m going to go back to EotN
Still playing Dungeon Siege 3 – Fun!
Star Trek Online – Almost to Commander. I really enjoy this game, but I don’t think that its ever going to become my #1 game. I could see how it could be other people’s favorite game though.

SWTOR: Demo on stage of an end-game operation (raid), 8 men against a big ass robot

Otherland MMO!

Major Changes Outline for EVE in Dev Blog

Changes to Threat in WoW

Gamescom EA press conference:
WAR: Wrath of Heroes announced

New MMO announed from Frogster

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