After a gruelling weekend at PAX, we finally got a podcast recorded covering our adventures, particularly with the folks from TRION!  We had a great time with everything involving RIFT, and will be back to our regular programming later this week!


What we did this week:

PAX!  Got the ‘Stalker’ title by finding Elrar at Pax, and the ‘Know it all’ title by answering a question at PAX.  AND  got the coveted companion pet Hootie AND the Smithy Goggles
Started working on my crafting dailies.  Making a push to make two of the new Outfitter recipe items for a guild member, going to take a ton of cash and time!



News from the Rift

Happy Half Birthday to RIFT
It’s time to party! From August 25 to September 6, subscribers receive amazing in-game bonuses—for both PvP and PvE—and a special gift.
You’ll barely notice ranks and levels flying by as we apply huge bonuses of 50% or more to XP from Kills and Planarite, Favor from Kills and Prestige from Kills in PVP, Plaques of Achievement and Marks of Ascension, Guild xp

Vengence in PVP :

  • ensuring players entering PvP have an enjoyable experience while still rewarding those who have earned the highest ranks.

While we have heard and understand your suggestions to simply “split up the warfront queues into separate tiers based on rank” – in the end this suggestion would actually make the experience worse for everyone and would not scale nicely over time.

Instead, we’re front-loading more Valor via the changes below and in time will also introduce Valor augments, allowing crafters to make their creations PvP gear and making Valor considerably more available.

  • all 4 PvP sets will share the same amount of total valor. This means that the set earned in Ranks 1 & 2 has the same amount of valor as provided by the set earned over Ranks 7 & 8. How much? It works out to 751 Valor, or a 30.04% Damage Reduction.  Instead of being differentiated by survivability, they will be differentiated by their main stats.
  • Vengeance is a new PvP stat that provides an Attack Power or Spell Power bonus to abilities used while engaged in PvP. Basically, 1 point of Vengeance = 1 point of Attack/Spell Power vs. players.
  • for example: If the synergy bonus granted 150 Attack Power it will now grant 75 Attack Power and 75 Vengeance.

we will be moving forward with releasing these changes tomorrow, 9/1, for evaluation in front of the full live audience.

  • PvP Healing did not become a huge issue as many had feared, with more people having more valor.

  • The non-armor-set valor pieces PvPers can stack on top of their PvP armor sets continue to provide good defensive value

  • High rank PvP items remain a great upgrade for PvP, still do provide useful advantages in PvE, and are just no longer the best items available for raiding.

  • Vengeance is proving to be a good and useful way to give added offensive power in PvP

We want to illustrate where we plan to go from here. As always we work to iterate and make the right decisions without being afraid to try new things. With this in mind, our strategy for PvP has been the following:

  1. Get Valor and Rank 8 gear in line to provide a better overall experience for everyone in PvP. (This is where we are with these changes)

  2. Bring rogues to a place to where they have a competitive PvP DPS role that does not revolve around slipping away, as a part of a larger rogue effectiveness review coming in 1.5.

  3. Then evaluate how PvP healing is in this new world, a world where rogue DPS is competitive with warriors, clerics, and mages in PvP.

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