This week, we celebrate the return of Bill with some discussion about the Rise of Isengard points cost, the new hunter dev diary and Josh’s interview with Turbine.

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What we’ve done this week:
Minnie on BR
Champ in MoriaBill:
Volume 1 on captain.  Glad it’s all grey, because the back and forth through mob infested areas would drive me nuts on-level.Chris:
Continuing to work on Volume I. The traveling is quite time consuming, but the story is awesome.  No skirmishing this week.News:Official Announcement of Isengard Points Cost and Availability 5 Dev Diary

Gap of Rohan Video Dev Diary

Josh’s Interview 22 of Podcast)

  • Isengard Sales
  • LOTRO Ranking
  • Draigoch Loot
  • Scaling Instances
  • Update 5

Did you know:

Completing Instances below level for Gold/Deeds

  • Many instances give a monetary reward for completing them that is not tied to the that the dungeon is set at.
  • This can also be done for dungeon completion deeds, but not slayer deeds.
  • also instance marks
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