This week, we celebrate the return of Bill with some discussion about the Rise of Isengard points cost, the new hunter dev diary and Josh’s interview with Turbine.
What we’ve done this week:
Minnie on BR
Champ in MoriaBill:
Volume 1 on captain.  Glad it’s all grey, because the back and forth through mob infested areas would drive me nuts on-level.Chris:
Continuing to work on Volume I. The traveling is quite time consuming, but the story is awesome.  No skirmishing this week.News:Official Announcement of Isengard Points Cost and Availability 5 Dev Diary

Gap of Rohan Video Dev Diary

Josh’s Interview 22 of Podcast)

  • Isengard Sales
  • LOTRO Ranking
  • Draigoch Loot
  • Scaling Instances
  • Update 5

Did you know:

Completing Instances below level for Gold/Deeds

  • Many instances give a monetary reward for completing them that is not tied to the that the dungeon is set at.
  • This can also be done for dungeon completion deeds, but not slayer deeds.
  • also instance marks
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