This week on MMO Reporter Chris, Bill and Harry talk about an article on about SW:TOR, announcement from Blizzcon about giant Pandas, CCP’s layoff and more!

What we did this week


  • EVE Online
  • Starcraft 2
  • Tetris for 3DS


  • LOTRO only


  • AoC – Got through Tortage and into the open world. Quite different. Spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks in this game, getting to know it.
  • EVE Online – Where was Harry? I hereby make the executive decision that I will head the Dust 514 chapter, when that game launches.
  • Rift – Raiding.
  • LOTRO – Quite limited this week, as the AoC article took over my life for a bit. Just a skirmish or two.


SWTOR Preview on

Panda panda panda


Blizzard dota

WoW annual pass includes Diablo III pre-order

CCP lays off 20% of employees, to focus more on EVE and DUST 514

Final Fantasy XIV will go Pay to Play

From the “They’ll-turn-anything-into-an-MMO-except-Palladium-Rifts” file…

Aion 2.7 launch

The long wait is finally over as Aion 2.7 has gone live on servers today! This PvP focused update brings a new level of speed and intensity to the game with two new venues for heated Daeva on Daeva action!

First, the Arena of Discipline gives players the chance to square off in a 1v1 matchup – two Daevas enter – one Daeva leaves. Next, the Arena of Chaos brings a taste of free-for-all battle into the mix with a ten Daeva match to the death. Additionally, Padmarashka’s Cave instance has been reworked bringing 48 Daevas into the deadly and winding maze of tunnels leading to the inner sanctum of Balaurea where Tiamat awaits…

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