In this week’s episode, Chris Josh and I are rudely interrupted by internet connection issues but eventually discuss the potential release dates of Update 5, the new horse emotes, LOTRO coupons and more!

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What we did this week



Finished off Jeweller and Metalsmith, Farming/cooking next – tailor painful
Task leveling on Minstrel – kinnie has gone 2 levels+ since launch
Warden gear and 3 mans – captain healer, minstrel DPS

Working through Volume III – finished book 2 and 3
Did my first 12-man skirmish.  Chaos!  Thanks Layanor (from chat room) for the invite
Maxed out jeweller & jeweller guild rep.  Need to hit 75 to reap the benefits

Volume I is complete! YEAH! Really enjoyed the ending stories.
Volume II is nearly complete. Working on the last book now!
Volume III here I come!


Mount Emotes

Party Planning in LOTRO, Sypster style

Draigoch Raid Guides/Info – Doc Holiday style.

Warden goodness with Update 5

Did you Know

LOTRO Store coupons

  • 5% off for using the coupon code listed on that page
  • Plus hints for finding coupons in twitter feeds, facebook, store forums and other places

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New show!

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