Exciting news about Ember Isles came out this week, the anticipation is growing!  We also talk about some Halloween fun and a question of Notoriety.

What we’ve done this week:
  • Expert dungeons, expert dungeons and oh yeah, expert dungeons.  Couple of great runs with our guild, and an ‘interesting’ run with two LFG members, one of who was so drunk, he forgot he was running a dungeon and started to go to bed.


  • So busy in Real Life! Limiting my game time!
  • Gotten my mage up to almost level 25.
  • Held off on my cleric to level with Sallennia
  • Going to level my mage using quests, and the try to level my rogue using Rifts only, and see how it works.
  • Looking forward to this weekend! Lots of Expert Rift and raid Rifts planned with our newest guild members. Fun!

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News from the Rift

Tandem Trouble Video – Happy Halloween from Rift, Batman Style


Ember Isle News:

http://www.gamespot.com/shows/on-the-spot/?tag=masthead%3Bvideos%3Bon_the_spot  Starts 49:30


  • New dungeon: Caduceus Rise -“This is a nonlinear dungeon,” Hanlin says, “so you can take whichever patch you want to reach your goal.” It’s also massive. Not only is Caduceus Rise Rift’s largest five-man dungeon to date in size alone, it also features a whopping 11 bosses and two expert modes in addition to the normal mode.
  • New invasion mechanics
    • Turrets -planar invaders attempt to take over certain “Sourcewells,” which you must then defend using a series of turrets. “You use your planar charges to level up these turrets,” Hanlin says. “Some are offensive turrets and some are healing turrets, so you can build up an area as a defensive strongpoint and then defend it yourself if you’re soloing.”
    • Using Planar Charges, getting Planar Charges
  • iPhone/Android  App
    • Watch Guild Chat (Confusing – On The Spot interview says you can chat with your guild, Gamespy interview says you can’t type back)
    • Zone Event notification
    • Loot Card system
  • New daily quests and factions (including a rep locked mount).
  • Instant Adventures – ports you to a different section of the Telara (instead of an instance), where a raid of up to 20 players are involved in the same quests. While these partly focus on achieving minor objectives (such as capturing relics), you’ll also have the chance to engage in a variety of boss fights. And since these take place in the world at large, it’s possible that a Defiant Instant Adventure could overlap with a Guardian Instant Adventure, which naturally might lead into instant PVP.
    • May not be coming with the launch of 1.6. Mentioned in the On the Spot interview that it will come soon after release. Multi stage release of new content.

Rift S.O.S.

Notoriety: Changes in hot fix 10, stating that “Notoriety in all leveling zones has been heavily revised. Many equipment items are easier to obtain, and there are multiple paths for gaining Notoriety outside of just doing dungeons.”

  • Mathosian Rep in Stillmore outside of Zarephs Return
    • Trash kills 10 notoriety
    • Elite Kills in the center of the Endless Citadel 20 Notoriety
    • Daily Quests 700 Notoriety
    • Harold of Discord Raid Quest 900 Notoriety
  • Icewatch Rep in Iron Pine Peaks
    • No Notoriety for mob kills in zone
    • Daily Quests 300 Notoriety
    • Abyssal Precipice gives Notoriety
  • Dragonslayer Rep in Shimmer Sand outside of Wyrmbane Spire
    • No Notoriety for mob kills in zone
    • Daily Quests 600 notoriety
    • Daily Raid Quest ‘The Desert Queen’ 750 Notoriety
    • Chalmers Caldera gives Notoriety

Answer from Trion:
As for your listener’s question, I was able to do some digging and here’s what I found out.  Basically we increased the amount and rate at which you earn notoriety in leveling zones, added some missing notoriety payout where needed and tweaked the notoriety requirements on certain recipes and rewards.  A lot of it would probably be hard to notice unless you were tracking everything on before and after toons.

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Community Report
  • Voting for the Halloween Costume Contest Begins:


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