For this week’s episode, we discuss WoW’s big number problem, TOR pre-launch “head start” and the censorship that it provokes in Chris, and much more.
What we did this week:
WoW – tanking dungeons
LOTRO – raid skirmish, finished story quest
Eve – started account, started tutorialHarry
EVE online: Running level 3 missions. I am now a true multimillionaire, killing bad guys. Does this make me Batman?
WoW: Switching things up by going Shadowpriest for a while. Killing things is fun and nobody yells at me.
LOTRO started new alt for static group night
Battlefield 3.
Dance Central 2 with the kids.

Rift – Dungeons with guildies to gear them up for raids.
LOTRO – Almost done volume II
DCUO – Leveling my Light based super hero.
WoW – Leveling my Holy Cow
Guild Wars – New mesmer character.
EVE – Leveling skill to pilot the mining barge Harry gave me.


EVE Online gets new nebulae backgrounds

WoW and the BIG number problem

Secret World goes beta in December 2011
[Update: Funcom has responded to these rumors  and says open beta will not begin before Christmas of this year.]
Discussion topic: are players entitled to an open beta?

SWTOR pre-launch guild registration hits phase 3

  • New criteria for guilds to be transferred into game (e.g. 4 guild members must have pre-ordered)

SWTOR Pre-launch head start will be “may be up to 5 days”

  • May be? Some people will get in before others, even though we all paid for the pre-order. Does the $150 pre-order mean I get to get in for 5 days, while you peons with the Digital Pre-Order only get 1?
  • Official confirmation

Warhammer 40K digging deep into your pocket

  • “We will have not just one business model, like subscriptions. There will be other monetisation mechanisms in the game… The team there is being very thoughtful about how we maximise monetisation in this game.”
    • I realize that I’m nothing but a wallet to be invaded by most game companies, but I really don’t like being openly reminded of that fact.
More studio layoffs
NC soft:
Gamers First:
Blizzard!! Dev Blog – news and notes (especially interested in Combo attacks)

Lego Universe: The Imagination Fades – submited by wohkith on our reddit page.

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