The circle is now complete! Anexxia signs on as a full-time host, and help Josh and Chris unravel all the news since TOR’s launch, help you pick the right crew skills for your character, and talk about a fan-made mobile app that will blow your mind.

What we’ve done in game:


  • Level 47 on the Sith Inquisitor- Sorcerer
  • Closing in on the end of my class story
  • Bought my first vanity pet (mouse droid)
  • Maxed out Synthweaving and still was able to purchase level 40 speeder riding and speeder (thanks in part to my Bounty Hunter who lives at the Galactic Trade Network terminal)


  • Level 36 Imperial Agent – Operative Healer/DPS
  • Finished 1st chapter, deep into 2nd
  • On Hoth right now — I used to think Talz were cute. They’re total JERKS!
  • Huttball: before and after Christmas


  • Level 31 Jedi Guardian – Almost done with Alderan.
  • Working on my crafting with the Jedi mostly, but I originally picked Armormech (d’oh) instead of Synthweaving for my Jedi Armor. Up to mid-100s now at level 31.
  • Trying to keep up with crafting, but it costs so much $$$$. Armortech at 67.
  • Several alts in the low teens, but the story for my Jedi keeps pulling me back though!
  • Trying to get my Smuggler (Gunslinger) up to the high teens to keep up with friends. Once I get my ship, I’m going to try leveling him with class quests and space combat only!
  • Going to level my trooper as a PvP healer. See how that works.

Galactic Feed:

Closing in on a million Sith Warriors created in game and other fun stats
– Speculation on current stats
– What’s the next big announcement
– Anecdotes: What have you seen is most popular class/race?

Some Illum exploiters get a temporary ban

Dancing exploit

New Years PvP plans

This week’s patch

This month’s big content update

Mac client is a real possibility!


Jedi’s Council:

Crew Skills Overview

Crafting Skills
Armormech – Armor with Aim for non-force users (Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler and Imperial Agent)
Armstech – Weapons (Blasters, Blaster Rifles, and upgrades)
Artifice – Construct Jedi and Sith artifacts, including crystals to change your lightsaber’s color and item enhancements
Biochem – Stims and Health Packs and implants
Cybertech – Droid parts and cyber stuff for players (shields and earpieces and armor upgrades)
Synthweaving – Light, Medium and Heavy armor for Force users.

See our Wiki page on rare schematics our guild crafters have for some examples.

Gathering Skills
Archeology – color crystals and power crystals
Scavenging- Metals and crew skills vendor materials
Bioanalysis – creatures and plant genetic material
Slicing – lockboxes and augments

Mission Skills
Diplomacy – Light or Dark points and rare materials for Biochem
Underworld Trading – metals and cloth used in Armormech, Cybertech and Synthweaving and companion gifts
Investigation – Armstech materials and schematics for all crafting skills
Treasure Hunting – artifacts and Artifice materials/schematics

@Psynister of Psynister’s Notebook just posted a mega Crew Skills overview

Browsing the Holonet
Purple lightsabers confirmed in PvP bags

Unofficial companion crafting mobile app built

A comic response to the slicing nerf

Have you seen anyone RPing on the server?
– World boss kills seem to be the big guild activity atm
– Guild capital ships in the works — what guild activities would you want to do there?

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Voicemail: 616-666-6778

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Level 31 Jedi Guardian – Almost done with Alderan.