After a rather lengthly Holiday break we are back with news about up coming changes including patch 1.7 and events that happened over the past few weeks.
What we’ve done in game:

  • Fae Yule Festival!  Spent so much of my time before Christmas doing dailies, and rifts.  Got Rudy and my Holiday Vaiiyu Mount.  Every snowman, two holiday outfits, Candy cane weapons, and many consumables.  Did you notice what it looks like when you turn into a holiday Vaiiyu and walk backwards?  So much laughter!
  • Still no SHOE!  Sacred Heirloom of the Eth trinket after several more runs through XDSM. (Healing Spells chance to heal 3 nearby allies for 600-700)
  • Levelled my Cleric from 22 – 47.  Staying ranged DPS for questing with Inquisitor/Cabalist/Warden and for Healing dungeons Sentinel/Warden/0 point Inquisitor.  So strange to be going through all the levelling zones after almost 8 months since hitting 50 on my main.  A lot of reminiscing going on.
  • Things to note- The quest Miracle of Modern Magic in Fortune Shore, where they steal your kidney no longer has a timer.  Also, three of my skills when used in water make me do a backflip!  SO cool!
  • Once again, I did not level my crafting skills while levelling my cleric.  Until I wanted to leave Scarwood Reach.  Spent 2 ½ hours going back to Stonefield/Scarlet Gorge/ and Scarwood Reach.  Then another chunk of time at the manufactory.  Switched from Artificer to Apothicary.  Really need Mining for Art.
  • Oh, did I forget to say I finally got my level 50 mount?  I decided not to let my hard earned Mathosian Rep go astray, Saved myself a bit of plat, and got the Swift Armored Najmok.  He matches my impressive Shoulders.


  • Master DD run – Stuck on Scarn AGAIN! Frustrating not getting any plaques, but the run was fun, so it was worth it.
  • GP down!
  • Deepstrike mine on my Rogue as DPS was fun. I like Sab. Not the best DPS, but the most fun?
  • Levelled my Rogue a bit, and having fun with it. May stop focusing on my other alts until I get my rogue to 50, but I’m still not sure. What do our listeners think I should do? All the alts 10 levels at a time, or one at a time to 50?

News from the Rift

Upcoming Changes:

Developer Q&A


  • Crafting Rifts are a great idea but can be frustrating when your rift is closed faster than you can get contribution and you can wind up getting little to nothing from them, any quality of life plans for this feature?
    • Our solution to this is a bit broader than crafting rifts, but they’ll benefit as a result of some changes we have planned. The plan is to implement Rift NPC health scaling based on the gear level of participants in the rift.
  • Chronicles and the latest World Events have awesome looking costume weapons, but no wardrobe slot for them – are there plans to allow you to change the look of your weapon through the wardrobe feature?
    • Adding Wardrobe weapon slots is a topic that comes up pretty frequently around the office. That being said we won’t be adding them in the near future =( Overriding a weapons appearance is much trickier then changing the appearance of a helmet or a pair of boots. It effects the players animations since not all weapons support all animations, as well as being a key indicator to what type of opponent you are facing in PVP. As such it’s not quite as easy to just toss in as people might assume.

Trion Worlds/Rift gets hacked

First Ever Rift RP Town Hall

Rift Mobile Launches

  • Guild mates can be logged in Mobile all day, while at work.  Guild roster list shows them as ‘mobile’ and announces when they log in and off.  You can interact with anyone who is mobile should they choose to type in guild chat.  After logging in Wed, to find 9 mobile guild members and one person actually online, I have taken to selecting ‘status’ when looking at the guild roster.  Splits online players with mobile.

Fae Yule Festival Ended on the 4th.  Haven’t heard what or when the next world event will begin.

Rift S.O.S.

Auction House and Money by Taxonimous

Community Report:

New Year’s Fireworks in Sanctum By Mutiny

Let’s Play – Rift!
Extremely Long run through step by step by Sambon  The Link is part one, character creation. (56 min)


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