This week we explore some of patch 1.7 on the Public Test Shard, and check out the up-coming wedding ceremony!
What we’ve done in game:
  • Spent most of my week doing onslaughts yet again.  I’m sorry I ever said they were boring!
  • Trying to farm Eternals so I could get my epic mount for Sallen.  Got it Yesterday!!!  Went with the unicorn horse, the Swift Armored War Horse in Meridian.
  • Also ran a few T2, DSM and KB as well as DD.  Working on plaques for extra gear pieces now.
  • Also did a few things on the Public Test Shard finally!  Been wanting to download it for ages, and finally got to it.  Tested out some 1.7 goodies which we will talk about later!
  • Got a Real Life job.


  • Levelled my Rogue to 35. Most of 32-35 was done through Onslaughts on Ember Isle (Thanks Sallennia, Thylan and Grallbus).
  • Also ran through some quests in Scarlet Gorge. Still one of my favourite zones in the game.
  • HK – Sicaron
  • Spent some time on the PTS. Ran through the River of Souls Chronicle and through the marriage ceremony. It was interesting, and I can’t wait to see both in game.

News from the Rift:

Weddings on the PTS:
Our experience-

  • First thing to do is find the ‘Marriage Coordinator’.  It is outside the pub in Sanctum, and at the back of Orphiel Tower in Meridian (Center tower) Quchi Bora
  • Purchase ‘Wedding Ceremony Instance Creator’ for 5 Plat
  • Purchase ‘Marriage Contract’ for 1 Plat
  • Optional : Wedding Planner 10 Gold, Divorce Papers 10 Gold, Wedding Garb 10 Plat, Elegant Wedding Veil 5 Plat, Bouquet of Flowers 2 Plat.

To begin your wedding right click on the Instance creator.  Anyone in your party will be invited to join you.  Once inside guests are invited to sit down.  The two participants much choose a side ie Moon or Sun.  Click on the wedding planner to choose, walk down the isle (click forward slash on num pad to remove auto run)  Talk to the officiator and your ceremony begins.

ceremony- combine sand together, combine coin in the brazier, /kiss, crowd cheers
Reception-food and drink available.  More wine you drink the fuzzier your screen gets.  Cake to eat.

River of Souls Chronicle:

  • Super easy for us as 2 raid geared 50s.
  • In disguise as a Mathosian
  • Trying to find out what’s happening in River of Souls.
  • Gather the energy from 3 footholds, each guarded by a mini-boss.
  • Help out Plutonis, always fun.
  • Boss is something pretty huge that Alsbeth summons. Don’t want to ruin the surprise, but it’s awesome.
  • Lots of story in this chronicle. Lots of talking. Might get a little boring the 10th+ time you run it. Should be an option to skip the dialogue/story if you want to.

Get Hitched on Valentines Day!
Contest to be part of a world record, most in game weddings in 24 hours.

A sneak peak at the Attunement of War (PvP Plannar Attunement) on Rift Junkies:

PTS – PVP systems was tested Jan 26th, so no news about how it went just yet.

Rift S.O.S.

So you just hit 50! 5 tips for new 50s.

1) Run Chronicles and Rifts! You’re going to need new gear and essences for your new 50, and Chronicles and Rifts are a great way to get them!
2) Max our your crafting skill: Not only for getting gear for yourself, but also for trading cooldowns with others to get gear you can’t make!
3) Run onslaughts with your guild, or with a large group of people. This is a GREAT money maker, and you get lots of planner currency.
4) Rep Grind, concentrate on one zone at a time to start building rep, choose a zone that has rewards to suit your needs.  ie a piece of gear or rune you need rep to get, or your favorite Epic mount and save yourself 20 plat.
5) Planar Attunement: Now that you have started gaining PA levels, you need to start spending points.  Find a list of the tier 2 options for each Plane before deciding which plane to concentrate on.  Some are better for certain roles/gear then others.  Also, spend a few extra points in each plane to get the addition planar charges.  If you do onslaughts, you will want all 9 planar charges!

Community Report

Rift Strats

Red Hawk’s Gaze

Rift Watchers has started up again. No podcasts, but some post by Fred a.k.a. Deph


hi pati from the gnarlwood server here

i hit 45 on Thursday, using IA i was lvl 50 by Saturday … having groups of 6 (least) to 15 (most) the mobs may not be 52 ember isle but the sear numbers of kills count i would say it was 3 hours per  from 48 to 49 to 50 so the end was long but not as long as it  was back in the first 3 months of game

enjoy the show


p.s. so mad someone got my name (deathheart) oh well maybe one day ill get it back


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Make no difference to you, you will never try PVP 18%
Make you frustrated 9%
Make you want to try PVP for the first time 9%
Make you want to go back to PVP after not liking it 0%

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Do you think Sallennia and Chris should get married in game?

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