This week, Josh and Chris weigh in on the changes BioWare is making to combat, give their top tips for people playing solo!

What we’ve done in game this week:

My second Agent is level 20 now — starting to fatigue on repeated quests
Loving Biochem though! Reverse-engineering feels limitless
PvP is a lot of fun as a Sniper. Playing with different builds

Reached level 35 with my Guardian, and completed most of Balmora. Going back to finish some side quests, but my story quests now lead to Quesh.
My Smuggler has reached level 18, and I ran Hammer Station with some guildies and RL friends, Bill from MMO and LOTRO Reporter, and Isanni. First time running through a TOR Flashpoint without dying. We even did it with a companion instead of a fourth.

Anexxia is MIA this week, sleeping off the effects of her root canal/4 hours at the dentist. We all know it has nothing to do with the effects of too much purple lightning…righhhhhttttt.

Galactic Feed

Global cooldown delays are gone

Trailer shows what’s coming up in TOR

Patch 1.1.1 Notes Released

Jedi’s Council

Tips for levelling by yourself:
1) Stims and Health Packs are you friend! Stock up! +Biochem Don’t forget about you pressence stat!
2) Your ship droid is a healer! Not a very good one, but hey, every little bit helps, right?
3) Someone hollering in general chat for Heroic mission? Join in! Not interested? You can level just fine without every completing these, but if you’re tired of world questing, then do a few, and finish the world you’re on. +can go back after you finish a planet to solo group cont
4) Lots of space missions and PvP to make sure you stay above the leveling curve

Browsing the Holonet

Companions list (i.e. when and where will you get your romance option)

SWTOR Vanity Pets Q&A with Damion Schubert

SWTOR: So Now What (is LFD Now Mandatory for MMOs?)

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