In this episode we allow ourselves to grow Harry again and discuss Everquest (the original!) going free-to-play, the not-so-legendary white light sabre crystal, marriage in Rift and more!

What we did this week

LOTRO – crafting (you’re welcome Chris), galtrev dailies, skirmishes (big ones)
SWTOR – duo’d level 17 heroic at 21 with Isanni; space combat; crafting
Star Trek – Got to level 5 in anticipation of anniversary weekend (and fancy starship)
Rift – Spent $100 – now have 394 days remaining on my sub!

Everquest 2
(This sums me up:

LOTRO – In Dunland, working through my first quest hub. Crafting as much as I can without going back to older zones.
Guild Wars – BOOM goes the elementalist
TOR – Smuggler 19, Jedi Knight 35 (still). Focusing on space combat with my smuggler.


Everquest going F2P

Ultima Online turning 15 this year, producer’s letter with plans for 2012

Legendary SWTOR White Crystal hunt turns to fiasco

The Dutch (and half-Dutch) are smart, good looking, and have a reasonable court system

Side story: Dutch robber deducts gun cost from taxes,2933,145513,00.html

Rift 1.7 marriage

Lego Universe – the bell tolls for thee
PCG’s rundown of “what could have been” with LU concept artist – awesome interview



I just wanted to take some time to write a fan letter to Harry. As an Eve player with 7 accounts, I really love listening to your perspective on MMOs each week. I also love to hear what your doing in Eve.

I especially related to your comments about TOR being so linear. It really depressed me at how linear it was. But the more I play it, the more I can overlook its faults and just enjoy it for what it is.

To me TOR is a casual game, similar to Peggle or Bejeweled on my phone. I can get on it for 10 minutes and actually do something. Games like Eve there is very little you can do that I consider fun in under an hour (PI, market orders ?). I tend to have the most fun with Eve when I can dedicate time to it, which gets harder and harder with real life obligations.

So don’t discount TOR, it’s the perfect dum dum MMO to be subscribed to when you really don’t want to think about anything too deep. Its like going to a blockbuster movie, easily forgotten, but a heck of a lot of fun while watching.

Anyway, thanks again, I really enjoy listening to your adventures each week!



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