This week we talk to Cindy aka Abigail from Trion about couples in gaming and their Guinness Book of World Records event on Valentines Day!  And we talk about some of the new features to be found in Rift after the latest updates!

What we’ve done in game:


  • DH Raid with our guild, took 2 ½ hours but very little problems.
  • Ran XDSM, again.  Got SHOE!!!!  Finally!!!! on Sallen too!!!!
  • Ran Chris’ rogue through a bunch of onslaughts, only, he wasn’t around for most of it lol
  • Made Bill some raid crafted gear so he could do his first raid with us, yay!
  • Got my first Artisan Mark on Sallen, sad story :(
  • Had some more listeners join the guild and ran a few xdungeons with them.  ROTF and FC.
  • Did Guilded Prophecy again, ‘Everyday I’m Shovelin, ………shovelin, shovelin
  • Wedding plans are a foot!


  • DH raid was fun, and it was nice to get Bill from LOTRO and MMO Reporter some Rift Raiding experience
  • Guilded Prophecy! No trouble on the first two bosses, but the third was a pain.
  • Levelling my rogue (up to 37 so far). Mostly through Onslaughts
  • Enjoying the expert dungeons that we’ve been running as well.
  • I’d like to spend some more time getting Ember Isle content complete, but just don’t have the time.

News from the Rift:

Rift lite: Play to level 20 for free!!!

Here is a list of the RIFT Lite restrictions. Let me know if there are any questions.

  • Two characters per shard
  • Max Level  20
  • Currency: Max 5 plat / 1000 favor / 500 planarite
  • Auction House – purchase only. Cannot sell.
  • Mail – receive only. Cannot send.
  • Trade – receive only. Cannot initiate.
  • Zones – Terminus, Mathosia, Freemarch, Silverwood, Meridian, Sanctum
  • Crafting – Max Novice (75) skill
  • Guilds – Member only, cannot be promoted (lowest rank only)
  • Chat – Local channels + Level chat only. No global chats (trade/lfg/etc)
  • Cannot lock XP

Rift: One Year Later with Scott Hartsman

  • there’s talk of what will come after, which we’re really looking forward to sharing later this year.
  • we’re also looking into the introduction of a Mentoring system, which will empower players to play through areas they have not been for quite a while and be well rewarded for it.
  • *Souls*……maintain the popular feel of the core system itself, while making it more fun to use and keeping the advanced play intact for those who love experimenting and playing with the numbers.
  • even bigger thoughts for the future of PvP that we’re really excited about for how PvP could eventually transcend the two existing factions and we look forward to sharing those as well.

Hotfix change to mobile tracking:

  • Synovia : Thanks, yet again, for such a rapid response to a simple request from the community. People had been asking quite a bit for a checkbox in the guild UI that would allow them to filter people logged in via mobile and with today’s hotfix, you’ve delivered just that.
    • ‘The Guild Roster tab now has a checkbox to show/hide members logged in on the mobile app.’


    • Added Guild Bankers to the Manufactory in Meridian and Bahralt Street in Sanctum.
    • * Characters should no longer seem to be sinking into the ground in some situations.



Wardrobe & Show/Hide inventory changes:  Show/Hide option for Helmet and Shoulders are now gone from the main menu under Misc.  The new wardrobe update has a box beside each slot to show or not show.  Boxes are NOT on equipment slots.  So…. If you wanted to show your epic armor, but not your super ugly helmet that came with it, you can not hide that helmet.  Previously you could select your wardrobe slot and only have one piece equipped, and the remaining pieces would default to your armor (unless you hid helmet/shoulders) Now, any wardrobe slot un-ticked shows as Naked.  Easy fix would be to add the show/hide boxes to the main armor slots.  Problem fixed.  In the mean time, be patient, I’m sure Trion is working on it, it’s been talked about a lot on the forums.


Community Report

Discussion with Cindy Bowens on Couples in gaming, and Rift’s Valentines World Record


Last Week’s Poll

Do you think Sallennia and Chris should get married in game?
Yes  69%
No 31%

The viewers have spoken, so as mentioned we will be getting married the evening of Feb 14th.  Exact time and location info will follow, but any listeners who wish to attend, just comment on the show notes, or on our facebook page with your character names (yes you need to be on Faeblight to attend) and we will send you an invite before the event takes place!  Stay tuned for more details!

This weeks Poll

Have you noticed a negative or positive change to the quality of ‘level’ chat channels, either from an influx of shard transfers, or Rift lite participants.

No real change

Pax East Announcement:  

Chris will be at Pax East April

FYI Pax Prime is Labour Day weekend, Aug 31, Sept 1 & 2.  Chris will be there for sure as well, and maybe Sallennia.

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