For this week’s show, Josh and Chris take a look at the week that was, with it’s patch notes, videos, companion guides, community Q&As and T-shirts exposed for all to see.

What we did this week:


Agent – hit 30 – nar shaddaa bonus series
Moneys are tight without slicing!PvP still as fun as ever

Jedi at 37 – HOTH!! All crafting over 200 now.
Smuggler at 21 – Space Mission Tutorial at
PvP on my Trooper – Healing is hard with only one skill
I was on The Instance: TOR Edition

Galactic Feed

Patch 1.1.4 → anything you care about?
– Be sure to turn on cooldown text

TOR Celebration video

Guild Summit invitees should all have recieved invites yet — any listeners get in?

Jinx TOR shirst — we can each pick one, which one?

Devs leave to start a new studio, game info
– excited / feel loyalty to TOR team?

Jedi’s Council

Community Q&A Feb 17th
Questions that seem interesting:

•Lexiekaboom: 16 man Operations are much harder than 8 man Operations (to the point where most guilds can easily clear hard mode 8 man before being able to clear 16 man easy mode) but there is no loot difference at all to doing them. It’s better to send your 16 man raid force to clear two 8 man instances .Is this oversight or design? What will be done to offset this in the future?
•Gabe Amatangelo: This is not per design. The teams have been addressing this in the weekly patches to some degree and more so in Game Update 1.2. It is intended that 16 player mode is slightly easier than 8 player mode due to the fact that getting and coordinating 16 players is a larger hurdle in and of itself.

Browsing the Holonet

Darth Hater muses on possible new WarZone game types

Companion Customization Vendor List (w/some previews)

One healer excited about the Surge nerf

Sage/Sorcerer Healing Guide for PvP

Yay BioWare for supporting your employees and standing up to ignorant bullying of your people


Patch 2.1 (does he mean 1.2?)

From Joey
Is there an RSS feed to only subscribe to TOR Reporter? I don’t care about any of those other silly games! :)
– Well Chris feels stupid. Landing page is ready to go, and I forgot to change the setting. On the landing page will be the TOR Reporter RSS feed and info.

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