In this episode, Harry Hol joins Chris and I to discuss Tower of Orthanc raid guides, mounts in Rohan, saving money in LOTRO and more!

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What we did this week

Burglar skirmishing; earned “Unwise”…
Questing through great river.  Finally got into Stangard

Getting back into the swing of things after holidays. Just patched up, logged in and did some housekeeping stuff.
Got my ranged Warden skill trained
Skirmish of Skirmishes

Bought the Barter Wallet upgrade
Started book 6 and love it


Sypster discusses Mounted Combat

Doc Holiday’s Tower of Orthanc raid guides
Saruman’s Ring to come…?

Did you know

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In game service for creep Nidor
(via lotro subreddit –

Skirmish of Skirmishes
This week – Defense of the Prancing Pony vs Trouble in Tuckborough
Bill – Defense of Prancing Pony
Chris – Trouble in Tuckborough
Isanna – Defense of Prancing Pony
Chat room – Trouble in Tuckborough
Email – Defense of Prancing Pony
Harry: Defence of the Prancing Pony

Suck it Tuckborough! Defense of the Prancing Pony moves on!

Reminder of PAX East Party – April 7th in Boston

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From Miraween

Hey guys,

Long time listener, first time emailer.  Love the show and particularly the banter that goes back and forth between you.  Like you Chris, I still haven’t made it to the lofty pinnacle of level 75 as IMHO, the gap between 74-75 is huge.  Seems that I’ve been here for weeks slowly grinding my way through the Heartfells towards Isengard (only play 1-2 hours every couple of nights, so don’t really get to raid much).

Also, want to preface my votes by saying that I am under geared for my level and my soldier is not maxed so usually drop the skirmish level by 3-4 to give me a fighting chance.

My votes are for:

– Strike Against Dannenglor because for some weird reason, I really like putting the hurt on bat-girls.

– Defence of the Prancing Pony for the fact that you really don’t have to take more then 10 steps from the starting position (main char is a
hunter) so it is a compact area.

Thanks for the great podcast, and as Horatio Cane would say “I hope to see you (puts on shades) in game.”

Drop by Elendilmir and say hi.

Miraween, 74 Elf Hunter aka Shane from Brisbane, Australia.

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