In this episode, Bill Anexxia and Josh discuss UI customization, life-size Darth Malgus statues, playing on the PTR and more!


What we did this week

Guild fun fun
Contemplating Legacy system purchases
Still mostly WarZones for leveling
Played around on the PTR — loving many of the changes
Need to give some serious thought to what my family trees are going to look like…
Opened up the Legacy on my Marauder!
Mostly Warzones on my Shadow and Commando.  Not proud this week…
Hit 29 on my Jedi Knight.  Finished story quest on Tatooine, moving on to Alderaan

Galactic Feed

Another weekend pass and friends invitations extended

  • For restrictions and more info:
    UI customization video
    Gabe Amatangelo Endgame interview
    Darth Malgus statues now sold for $6k!prettyPhoto/14/

    Jedi’s Council

    How do you install the PTR and get your characters on it?
    To access the Public Test Server:

    1. Log in to the Star Wars: The Old Republic launcher using your username and password.
    2. Click the Settings button (gear) in the bottom left corner of the launcher
    3. Under “Enable Public Test Server Access”, select “Yes”
    4. Click “Save”
    5. Now the bottom left corner will have two buttons: select the new button next to settings
    6. Under “Pick an Environment” select “Public Test”
    7. Click “Next” and you will begin patching on the Public Test Server*
    8. Click “Play”

    They did take some guild volunteers last month to volunteer for the possibility of being copied over. However, at this time players are not able to copy characters from the live servers to the Public Test Server, but we plan to include this feature in the future. However, any new characters on the Public Test Server will be persistent and will generally not be removed at the end of any testing phase.

    P.S. There is an incentive for you to level a character to 10 on the PTR: we’ve been promised a special title in the live game for doing so.

    Browsing the Holonet Changes

    • MMO-Mechanics Network is new name
    • SWTOR Mechanics and Guild Wars mechanics sites, and are now all part of the same content network.

    Tablet Controller in beta now
    Kaon Under Siege walkthrough
    Full crafting materials list/guide for 1.2

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