We sift through the ashes left behind as the rakghoul virus mysteriously vanishes, talk about how you can win a collector’s edition, and look at how you can help protct your guild from looters.

What we did this week

Burned through Alderaan like nobody’s business
– its amazing how fast it goes when you’re just doing class quests
Chapter 1 closed on my Sniper. They either nerfed that fight hard or Sniper >>>> Operative

I got my first synthweaving crit crafted item comission — 200k for a robe!
Hit level 40 and lvl 2 speeder piloting on my marauder
Grabbed the little rakghoul pet from the DNA samples for a couple of characters
Gave Chris more credits– wtb guild bank!

Got my Rakling!
Really enjoyed the tail end of the event. The scope of the crash site was awesome.

Galactic Feed

The Rakghoul event is over, let’s recap what we thought of it

Georg/Gabe say that Expertise is “a lot more valuable than any other stat in PvP” — is this a good thing?

BioWare confirms with emails that they will NOT restore goods stolen from guild bank by someone with legitimate permissions. Be careful!

Patch 1.2.1 hits

Jedi’s Council

Joining a community group like TOR Syndicate
– Coconut Monkeys recently joined TOR Syndicate, thanks to effort by Jpang.
– What is TOR Syndicate?
– What’s its main purpose?
– What can you get out of joining it?
– Is it worth the hassle?

– Lots of smaller bloggers can use this platform as well. •Lord Hammer was on MMO Reporter Episode 27

Browsing the Holonet

The importance of consumables while leveling

Companions and Legacy Perks

Curse is giving away a CE. Can enter through the end of May

Voice of Akaavi Spar is hosting charity auction to save cats

And if you do save cats, they deserve to own this:

Thanks for all the comments on the show notes. We really appreciate it. Comments are the currency of podcasts!
“Anexia is so rich, she has hired Scrouge McDuck’s lifeguards.”
“ANEXXIA is so rich that Chuck Norris goes to see her for a loan.”

Hey Guys,

I started listening to mmo reporter since the launch of Rift and love you guys. I am now a total SWTOR addict so of course I have been listening to the TOR reporter podcast. Anyway for the past few week I keep hearing about “moneybags Annexxia”. I play a dark side sith juggernaut (Dakarius on the Jedi Covenant server which is the 2nd or 3rd highest pop server in the game) and my crafting professions are the same as hers (Synthweaving, underworld trading and archeology) and all of them are lvl 400.

I have always been an auction house guru and am not doing too bad in TOR but nothing compared to the master of the GTM, the female Donald Trump of the galaxy, The Calvin Klein of Synthweaving. Im Currently bouncing between 500k and 800k credits. I would love to know Annexxia’s strategy for generating Oprah level amounts of credits?…. Wow just pictured a cybernetic Oprah with full sith corruption.

From what I’m hearing my strategy is similar to hers. Farm the high level matts, craft high level gear, sell standard gear for next to nothing and sell the augmented gear for 75k to 100k a pop depending on the market. I’m am only selling one augmented item or so every 2 days. Nobody is buying lvl 50 non-augmented customer gear even at 3.5k each My server always has anywhere from 100 to 180 people on the fleet during prime time. Im now trying to sell purple quality gear, mixing in various levels and types of gear. I’ve tried augmented Battlemaster and even the currently pointless warhero gear and still poor results.

Please help me oh queen of the GTM, what am I doing so wrong? Do I need to be crafting more mid level gear or selling more matts? What can I do? It’s hard out there for a Juggernaut.

Love you guys, keep up the good work.

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