In this episode, Harry sings. That’s all that’s really important. We talked about MMO’s as well, but we know why you’re really here. Harry’s singing.

What we did this week

Forum game
My Guy:

LOTRO – Ding 74
Rift – Leveling my Rogue
TERA – Played around a little in the head start
GW2 Beta

GW2 beta
SWTOR warzone night

Distraction Wars

You may notice that from time to time during the show, one of Harry, Bill or Chris will randomly start laughing at something that’s not really funny. Below are some of the reasons why.


GW2 Beta recap

Tera launches

Blizzard Automates item recovery

Goonswarm’s hostile takeover in Eve

Neverwinter access for pre-ordering Torchlight

From the shameless self-promotion file:  Novus Aeterno!

$3million prize for League of Legends!  Why are we wasting our time podcasting when we could be practicing LoL…?

Newbie Blog Initiative – because the world needs more MMO blogs (seriously!)


From Tony / Garrland on Arkenstone Server (LOTRO)

Hi guys,

I travel a lot and I really enjoy your podcasts.   Due to your podcasts, I am giving LotRO a try and I’m really enjoying it as I wait for GW2 to come out.  A few brief questions if you have the time:

Did you report that to link Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 accounts you have to have a Guild Wars password under a certain number of characters?

Has it been announced the process of how to link a GW and GW2 account?

This question might be better directed to LotRO reporter… Any tips for a budding Warden?  So far I haven’t found a lot I can not solo (Level 28 at the moment), but trying to grab aggro from my son when he is playing his Ranger or when I’m trying to tank for a group can be a challenge.

Thanks for keeping me informed and entertained on my journeys!

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