This week’s episode has Josh and Anexxia podcasting without Chris, and lamenting at the fact that his awesomeness is not there to lift them up to their usual heights. They spend most of the podcast talking about how cool Chris is, and how much he brings to the show. That, or they forgot to post show notes and Chris had to do it himself. Listen and find out!

What we did this week

I have a confession: I am a terrible person and didn’t log in once this week
– oh wait, no i logged in to change our officer’s bank privileges
– I don’t think that really counts
– I am ashamed

Maxed out affection and completed all the quests on my first companion– Quinn. He married my marauder and thinks we’re going to have little Sith babies.
Continue to get weird stalkery ingame mails from Quinn. Think we may need to get divorced.
Marauder hit 43 and is working her way through Belsavis.


Galactic Feed

First episode of the official SWTOR podcast: Rocket Boots!

  • Hosted by Eric Musco and Brooks Guthrie
  • Conversation w/Damion Schubert, Daniel Erickson, and David Bass on process of developing patch 1.2 and what they are most excited about from that patch and upcoming 1.3 content
  • 1.3 = the group finder patch. That is the main purpose/focus of this content patch
  • Augment tables allowing anyone to add an augment slot to any piece of gear that does not have one
  • Social armor will be able to be viable at end game

SWTOR parent Electronic Arts released Q4 earnings

  • STAR WARS®: The Old Republic™ active subscribers are 1.3 million. Two new content packs — Legacy and Allies, available in Q1
    • that’s a decrease of 400,000 subscribers from last quarter
    • Of these new content packs, one is the announced 1.3
    • 23% drop – BioWare defended it, saying that the “casuals” were leaving
      • and that’s okay?

ANEXXIA: Return of Fan Friday

  • Showcases some cool artwork from a few fans
  • Shout out to @Dulfycleric also known as Iwipe, for their awesome forum guides

Jedi’s Council

By popular demand, more tips on keeping you from crafting your way to the SWTOR poorhouse:

  • Learn complimentary gathering and mission skills
  • Craft as you go
  • Give yourself a daily crafting budget
  • To level your crafting profession, make either cheap items to R/E or items that are hard to come by (i.e. avoid crafting items whose schematic is readily available if you are looking to generate profit)

Add your tips, and take a poll to share your POV on whether crafting is a big money pit or a credit minting machine:

Browsing the Holonet

SWTOR Professions Optimization

End Game Color Crystals Post Patch 1.2 and How to Obtain Them

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