Chris and Anexxia are joined by special guest @psynister as they theorycraft through the impact of the Patch 1.3 crew skills changes to augment kits, discuss how to get the best return on investment to maximize your companion affection levels, and get psyched about Sanctum of the Exalted’s latest Fight Club event.

What we did this week

Reached level 50 with my Sith Warrior (wife on her Sorc), and leveling an Assassin through mostly space missions and PvP dailies.

Creeping towards 50 on the Marauder…45 and on Voss now
Hatched myself some Orokeets!

Got some space combat in. The 2nd tier of the asteroid missions is currently kicking my but, but I’ll get it soon.
Working through the story on Belsavis. Tough planet, but as always, an interesting and engaging story.
A little PvP. I really love using force push on the bridge in Voidstar.

…and a little musical interlude courtesy of Weird Al:


Galactic Feed
More details on the Patch 1.3 Augmenting


Weekend Pass starting this morning, running through Monday


End game custom gear (i.e. from Operations) confirmed as being R/Eable


James Ohlen gives formulas for Expertise & Damage calculations for PvP

Jedi’s Council
Special guest Psynister talks to us about maximizing companion affection and what their affection can give you in return.


Browsing the Holonet
Patch 1.3 Crew Skills Changes: Q&A with SWTOR Systems Designers David Hunt and Patrick Malott


SWTOR Tip of the Day: Don’t Buy the 100% Speeder


Sanctum of the Exalted Arena of Honor Fight Club server event



From Darth Khalidan: His latest 50:


Follow-up Email from Dak:
Hello All,

I just wanted to write in and say thank you all for your response to my email. I have since created a cybernetic Oprah alt (Darth Harpo…hehe) but I can’t quite get the hair right. If only she could have Stedman or Gale as a companion I would consider making her my main. She would also need a limousine mount with a droid driver.

I’m already seeing results from Annexxia’s fantastic GTN insights. I’m selling a verity of fashionable gear at all level ranges and seeing results. I think I even found the golden egg lower robes schematic that she mentioned and have sold a few of those already. I’m still not ready to hand out speeders to all the peeps on my server or give away paid vacations to Alderaan but I’m am working on it………..Huh I wonder what Star Wars
related items would make the “Oprah’s favorite things” list.

Here is a good candidate.

1. HMW-34:  Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe droid version 34.001 created by Zerka Corp, used by Oprah herself and all the top holo stars.


·         fully automated bio-mechanical facial recognition with tone match

·         Continually updating database with over 250,000 styles and counting

·         Cross galaxy Fashion trends are automatically downloaded via the holonet. Like the outfit that young hot Twi’lek actress was wearing at the awards show, your new droid knows all about it……(no slicing required).

·         Configurable complementary vocabulary database including presets such as, “Lie to me”, “A version of the truth” and “Brutally Honest”.

Wow, I’m coming to the realization that I know entirely too much about Oprah. I swear that I am a completely heterosexual male……I blame my wife.


@Annexxia, I’m in sales and marketing too and I feel like I could sell the hell out of some HMW-34 units if they existed.
Sorry about the wordy email, just thinking aloud and wasting time at the office. Love you guys.


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