Anexxia can barely control the purple lightning in this episode, including wanting to rain it down upon the perpetrator of an unexpected but inevitable betrayal (curses!), Chris finally gets the crew skills fever, and everyone wants a sexy new speeder after perusing Dulfy’s new speeder guide.

What we did this week


  • PvP and dreaming about space combat
  • Let my subscription lapse for the first time ever — blame diablo 3


  • Maurauder hits 47 and I run out of steam…
  • so I got the Knight up to lvl 20 instead, leveling w/my SO’s Sage


  • Crafting! Got my Synthweaving, Archeology and Underworld Training all over 300.
  • Space Mission for fun and credits. A really great way to make some money for crafting.

Galactic Feed

New Fansites Coordinator Eric Musco — Au Revoir David Bass!

In-game GM Harassment Fiasco
Original post:
Bioware replies:

Community Q&A Patch 1.3 Edition

Jedi’s Council

Handling guild merger
When’s the right time to consider merging with another guild:
– When people have left for good, not just taking a break
– If members are just taking a break, look to partner with another guild, not merge

What to look for in a potential guild partner:
– Compliment your strengths, not duplicate them
– If you have leadership, find a deep roster with absent leadership
– Similar goals/guild rules

What to avoid:
– Drama: it’s going to be bad enough already without problem members
– Moving too quickly: leave time for members to log in and see the upcoming news before guildies move over

How to execute it:
– Set blunt expectations and agree on a specific list of arrangements
– Make sure your guild members vote on it, or are at least aware and ok with it. Make sure their leader does the same
– Be patient and be proactive in spotting personality clashes
– Whenever possible, discuss disputes in private chat–the more you can keep up the impression that people are getting along, the more fence-sitters will try to keep peace

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Top 5 Selling GTN Items
Operations Composition

Healing Alderaan WarZone visual aid

Role Playing Etiquette Compendium

Visual Speeder Guide


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