Syp breaks up (technically, not emotionally) and Dodge agrees to only talk about bland, unsalted crackers so we don’t get into trouble again.  The resolution to be good lasts for about three minutes, so lap it up!  We also take on two listener-submitted topics for the first time in a while.

Two topics in 30 minutes or your next podcast is free. You know you would listen to all this if it just wasn’t so… long!

Show Outline

  • A service announcement, crackers, and Tic-Tacs
  • Topic #1: If a game has a reputation system, do you participate in that grind? What would make you want to? (From Ketani)
  • Ads
  • Topic #2: What do you think causes you to like MMOs more than any other type of video game out there? (From Patience)

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