Chris and Sallennia talk about the Layoff at Trion Worlds, Endless Eclipse, and Fae Yule! Merry Christmas!

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What we did in game:


  • Built my storage shed in my Dimension
  • Almost to level 52, been questing in Brevane: Cape Jule
  • Completed Exodus of the Storm Queen with guild mates.  Very fun!
  • Upgraded my River of Souls staff with a random Blue drop donated to me by Drezzden in our guild.  CRAZY!
  • Leveled up my crafting a bit more, and purchased a bunch of new recipes, but still haven’t even looked at Runecrafting.
  • Got to do my favorite quest in Cape Jule, but it is slightly different than during Beta.  Also died, three times trying to finish one stage of a quest that is significantly harder now than in Beta, but it was too easy to start with.
  • Checked out the Fae Yule Festival, did some sledding… or a lot of sledding.  Had a snowball fight.. handed out some gifts.


  • Exodus of the Storm Queen with guildies. Fun!
  • Leveling through Carnage Quests
  • Leveling my warrior. Almost level 51, and having fun in Peledane

News from the Rift

Layoffs at Trion Worlds

Patch 2.1-Endless Eclipse Dec 12

  • raiders can face off with the Destroyer in a 20-player raid that spans the planes of existence. Meanwhile, a new Chronicle reveals the fate of the Frozen Tempest campaign, while Guardians and Defiant across Telara join Grandfather Frost in the celebration of Fae Yule!

Recent noteworthy patch notes:

  • The item limits for all Dimensions have increased!
  • Ascended on foot should now move faster through the world, both in and out of combat. This is additive with other movement speed buffs, but not changing the movement rate while mounted at this time. Please give feedback about this test change!
  • * Even though it was pretty awesome, the super high “water” area where you could swim up into the sky has been removed.
  • * Soul Walking now displays the countdown time on the casting bar UI to make it more visible!
  • * While Soul Walking you now also see an aggro radius indicator around aggressive NPCs

Fae Yule Festival Returns

Head to Sanctum and Meridian to participate in the Fae Yule Festival!  Daily quests abound, including snowball fights, handing out presents and cheer, and the awesomesauce Sledding!  (travel through the portal to sled, over and over and over…)  Many awesome rewards available to purchase with your snowflakes, including festive Dimension items, and there is also the festival mount, the christmas Vayuii.

  • Instant Adventure gets festive

Join in a series of Fae Yule adventures from Freemarch, Silverwood, and Scarwood Reach to Cape Jule, Pelladane, and Ashora. Each zone features a village the Ascended will help build and decorate in the spirit of the season. Deck the halls to the Fae’s content to summon an exclusive vendor for your shard, unlocking gifts including a special helm, bags, new pets, and mounts!

  • Very Merry Whitefall Steppes

Mastered sledding and snowballs and looking for more? Dive into a wintery alt-mode Whitefall Steppes where one person will be “gifted” with an extra-special Yuletide form – at least until it’s stolen by magic and blade. Stock your base with presents to win, but don’t be caught holding the Fae Yule Cake…

Fae Yule Presents

Soul abilities that have ranks will now be automagically upgraded when you level up, removing the need to return to a trainer and purchase new ranks.

Winter Subscription Sale
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Community Report.

Tier 3 Planar Attunement coming soon-Rift Junkies

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