Chris and Celeste talk about Wintersday, bots, and account rollbacks in this week’s rather sleepy episode.

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What We Did This Week


  • Finished Malchor’s Leap with guildie Mojo
  • Tixx


  • Ran the Tixx instance twice – Fun!
  • Holly cow jumping puzzle!
  • I love the Bell Choir.
  • Still workin’ on Orr


Lion’s Arch Report

Hunter Reflects on Wintersday

  • can’t build all the mini’s
  • easier than the clocktower, but still challenging
  • tixx’s airship is pretty fun and interesting
  • celeste – snowball fight was mostly frustrating for me

Mike Lewis smashes bots

  • “The number of bots reported every hour worldwide has dropped from more than 2,000 in October to a much healthier 20 as of this writing.”

Account Restoration Tool is active


Ask An Asuran

Ken From Chicago asks, “@CeleOOKIE Who’s your favorite female character in #GuildWars2, and why? (Preferably beyond merely looks.)“

Celeste – Eir. I know she gets rather sentimental in the middle of the game but she’s not whiny like Zoijja or upsetting like Caithe. She’s simply bold and proud.

Chris – Zoija – Maybe that’s because she’s been my Mentor throughout my personal story, but she’s just so cool.


Tales of Tyria

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