Chris and Celeste talk about last year’s predictions and make some wild speculation about what’s in store for Guild Wars 2 in 2013.

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Last Year…

Chris’ Predictions

  • Release in early Fall 2012 (Post PAX)
  • A strong RP component will be added to the game – similar to the LOTRO Music System. Perhaps a storytelling system, allowing small sprite to be summoned to enhance a story being told.
  • PvP will include an Arena Style system, with ranked small group matches.
  • Arenanet will drop the system that has players losing levels when they return to low level zones.
  • There will be NO rep grinds in GW2.
  • GW Prediction – Number of active players will not drop significantly after the launch of GW2.
  • LAST – 9th Profession Announced – Basket Weaver

Celeste’s Predictions

  • Release – Dec 2012
  • RP – sharing journals with other players so that you can quick swap character bios while in-game with your rp friends/guildies.
  • PvP – gvg makes a comeback (popular demand) and is then removed due to conflict of interest while belonging to 10 different guilds
  • How many times gw2 will be named most anticipated game of the year? 39.
  • On the shoulders of skyrim, gw2 will add dragon shouts and a ranger skill called arrow to the knee which will automatically down any other character.
  • While trying to steal swtor players, they’ll add in a lore breaking minigame where you can fly a millenium falcon. With Chewbacca. And asurans dressed like ewoks. Surly ewoks.Maybe an x-wing could be unlocked later.

This Year…

Chris’ Predictions

  • No paid expansion in 2013
  • 9th Profession – Macreme dooer – $25US
  • A shoutcasting style system will be added to the game, similar to the system that Firefall currently have in place.
  • Old Lore will further be expanded through Fractals. Expect big story moments in GW1 to be revisited!
  • Dungeon Difficulty will NOT be nerfed.
  • Quaggan will be playable in 2013!

Celeste’s Predictions

  • Full Paid expansion by August 2013 – A Wild Cantha Appears!
  • Maguuma Wastes added leading to the still surviving Mursaat at the Isle of Janthir as a mini paid dlc (20$USD)
  • Fractals expanded with older lore (giganticus lupicus that isn’t undead and isn’t tiny!) by May
  • Level upscaling in more places, not just fractals and festivities
  • Guesting will be completely scrapped and the old server system (districts) will be reinstated
  • Player/guild housing will include dimension-ish building ability and the cost will be so prohibitively expensive that only those that farm extensively will be able to afford them, will probably use globs of ectoplasm or something equally rare. Maybe crafting will be worthwhile…. start levelling up huntsman, tailor, and artificer for furniture, curtains, and decorations!
  • New Playable Race – Teng–SKRITT! SHINIES~!

Who was right last year

  • Points score? 3-1 for Chris
  • Chris has the most vague and correct predictions overall, but I’d like to think mine were better

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