Chris, Cari, and Layanor are back from the holiday break. We talk about letters from on high, news of the future and if Cari will remember to write the intro for next week’s show.

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What We Did This Week


  • I got to run all three – 3 man instances. They are well made and very hard to do on tier 2. However they have been overshadowed by the new scaled BG instance.
  • This thing is dropping some great stuff.
  • Stopped in on the moors for awhile and got a full set of gear..
  • Also played on creep side for a while to see what was new.
  • Creepside has also been updated with auto looting rules!
  • This made some pretty crazy farming sessions.
  • I made rank 6 on my creep and brought the audacity up to 9.
  • Finished the festival deeds on the very last day!
  • And here is the big news. Around 6PM on 1/3/2013. Layanor turned 1 year old in game time. You have been playing for: 12 months 0 hours 37 minutes 9 seconds


  • Festival, festival, and more festival,
  • Reached More the Merrier Tier 3 on one character and Tier 2 on three others.
  • I received a hobby horse from the sack of presents on one of my hobbits. Cutest thing ever.
  • Leveled from 79.5 to 81 by just doing the festival only. Many of my other characters dinged twice.
  • Reached level 82.5
  • Ran Sari Surma with two other kin members for deeds.
  • I’m even more famous. Helped film the latest BBB video.
  • Attended the 12th Night Ball hosted by the LMB
  • I have a new favorite store item.
  • Oh yeah I have a Pink War-steed


  • Ding 79!
  • Norcroft complete!
  • The quest series at the north-east end of Norcroft is very Eowyn-ish. I love it.
  • I really feel like I have a great handle on the warsteed combat now. I’m able to switch between stances, wheel around and fight very effectively, and it was fun.
  • Saw The Hobbit twice over the break. Came straight home, Sallennia went to bed, and I HAD to log into LOTRO.


Letter from the Producer: Looking Back on 2012

  • LOTRO’s fourth expansion, Riders of Rohan.
  • resolved almost 8,000 bugs
  • added another 500,000 words to the game.
  • LOTRO’s 5th Anniversary Celebration
  • The Great River region
  • Open Tapping and Remote Looting
  • Revised Moria quest lines and story
  • Scaled Fornost and Dol Guldur instances
  • Audacity and Ettenmoors keep capture updates

Plans for the first half of 2013

  • Rohan Instance Cluster (Part 2) 6 mans and 12 mans in Dale
  • Class Skills – looking into player feedback in regards to skills the class should feel different as you progress and grow your abilities.
  • More Scaled Instances (“In Your Absence” – welcome back to Ost Dunhoth).
  • More landscape quests and Epic Story.
  • Rebalanced loot drops for skirmishes and scaling instances.
  • No Ent play

Issue With Some War-steed Cosmetic Bundles That Should Have Never Made it in the Store.

The cosmetic only war-steed appearance was never intended to be a player facing offer. This was intended for testing and testing only. As with all previous premium mount bundles, purchase of the bundle includes both the travel mount and the War-steed appearance. Offering an appearance only option was never intended.

Because these appearance only options were published and had names very similar to the premium mount bundle, some players inadvertently purchased both items thinking they would receive different cosmetics. If you purchased both offers (the bundle and the stand alone cosmetics), please contact support to have your purchase of the cosmetic only appearance refunded.

If you purchased only the cosmetic version and would like to upgrade your purchase to the full premium mount bundle, please contact account support. They will be able to assist you with this. Please note you will be charged the difference between the cosmetic only and full bundle price.

While we currently do not have plans to offer the premium mount appearances as a cosmetic only option, if the interest is high enough we would consider adding the option in the future.

Layanor – Did You Know™

Combat Options

Lately we have a lot of new players learning how to raid. I’m going to cover some combat options this week to help them out.

First off is the Show assist window. This window shows someone in your raid that is assigned raid assist target. Whatever he targets will show up in this window. This is helpful for everyone attacking one target. Or in some cases all healers healing one target.

Enable skill target forwarding. This works with the raid assist person. Just click on their name and all your skills will hit his target.

Some extra quick things I’d like to point out.

Directional Selection Indicator. This one shows a short dotted line that shows you the direction of your target. This is useful when you lost your target when spin around to fast, or when you get lost behind rocks or walls.

War-steed Auto-slowdown. Instead of mashing down over and over to stop your war-steed. This lets you tap down once, and the damn thing slows down.


Lotro Iorbars Peak Guide –

  • Entire instance mapped out
  • Charts to show when the bosses morale triggers an event during a boss fight, such as mobs attacking.
  • Describes phase by phase each boss fights.

3 Man instance loot guide –

  • Webs of the Scuttledells loot
    Seat of the Great Goblin loot
    Iorbar’s Peak loot
    Along with epic gear that drops in all instances.

Dol Guldur instance loot

BBB’s Latest Moving Picture
Better late than never. Parental guidance recommended, although probably ignored. If you are under the legal age of consent, or have a weak heart or other serious medical condition, seek professional advice and take your pills. BBB is not responsible for …. well, actually, BBB simply isn’t responsible.

Harperella Won the Top Guild Leader Contest
Harpermousie gets her new laptop.


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