Born and raised in Texas, Dodge knows one thing and knows it very well: How to be white.  If there is a sheet of paper nearby, he can become invisible if he throws himself on top of it.  When painters need a particular shade of “eggshell,” they ask Dodge to come in for comparison.  And when it comes to podcasting, Dodge is a veritable prism of colors bound into a single blinding shade.  That’s why we love him.

Two topics in 30 minutes or your next podcast is free. You know you would listen to all this if it just wasn’t so… long!

Show Outline

  • Dodge apologizes for FAILING
  • Topic #1: What it would be like if every single play-session was a different alt? If you started with everything, but you had to give up your character at the end of the day, would that change your playstyle? [from Machination]
  • Ads and book recommendations
  • Topic #2: What unfinished MMOs would we have loved to play?

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