This week we talk about the departure of Scott Hartsman, the Joy of Dimensions contest, and take a brief peek at what’s coming in the spring.

Listen now:


What we’ve done in game:


  • Drunken rift night was a bust, as we were both sick , we didn’t drink and didn’t last long, just did a few Onslaughts.
  • Maxed out my Outfitter and Butchering.  Interesting note: the high level recipes cost 30 plat to train so don’t automatically train… Between outfitter supplies and training, I somehow and surprising ended up with 22 gold.
  • Spent a lot of last week farming hides and making items for the AH as well as doing crafting dailies.
  • Discovered the river in Ardent Domain has a lot of little crab dudes, for skinning, but that’s about it for level 56 mobs.  The previous zone had level 454 mobs and therefore a different hide… I wasn’t tough enough to kill at 57 on my own to get any better hides..


  • Almost level 55! So close I can almost taste in.
  • Running through some quests in Ardent Domain. A little high level for us, but we’re having fun!


News from the Rift


RIFT: Year Two State of the Game (part one of two)

“I wanted to let you know that I’m stepping down from my position here at Trion. It’s been an amazing time, working with some of the best developers anywhere, getting the company’s first game off the ground, taking it all the way through a multitude of amazing updates, then to Storm Legion, and even a little bit beyond.” Scott Hartsman



RIFT: Year Two State of the Game (part Two of Two)

(March 2013 2nd year anniversary)With 2.2 the Carnival of the Ascended – a celebration of the first appearance of the Ascended – will return to Telara. Along with it, new carnival games as well as some old favorites will be available, a slew of new Zone Events will appear in the Storm Legion zones, the Planar Attunement system will expand to tier 3, and we hope to add our first activated Hard Mode encounters to Endless Eclipse and Frozen Tempest. Of course, you can also expect more bug fixes, and updates to classes as we always provide. There are also some updates to PvP that have been sneaking out to the live servers before 2.2 hits.

What secrets are hidden behind the walls surrounding the Dendrome? As we approach game update 2.3 we’ll start to peel back the layers of mystery – but that is a story for another day, Ascended.


Enter the Joy of Dimensions Contest!
Do you have a happy little Dimension you want to share? Join us on Facebook for the Joy of Dimensions Contest, now through Feb. 12!

Details on Riftgame:

Video on Facebook:

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Enter/Vote link:

When you ‘vote now’ on the facebook page you will immediately get a message at the top of your screen, ‘thank you for voting etc, here is your in game reward code’.  You don’t have to actually vote to get the code, just go to the vote page…. gets you the title ‘The House Guest’ and a dimension item: village Lampost x 2.

Grand Prize

  • Alienware x51 PC
  • TBD New Dimension Key
  • Empyrean Static Generator
  • All 2nd Place Prizes


-Dimension live streams
Hungry for more? Feed your need for Dimensions with FOUR special live streams and a chance to earn even more in-game goodies! All streams are @ 1:30PM Pacific / 21:30 UTC.

Friday, January 25 – Build-Off Bonanza
What happens when we put everyone in the same Dimension with full edit rights?

Friday, February 1 – Top Dimensions Tour
Looking for inspiration for your masterpiece? We’ll be sampling the cream of the crop from every server!

Friday, February 8 – Dimensional Thunderdome
4 Teams Enter, 1 Team Leaves in this Building Battle Royale!

Friday, February 15 – Victory Tour
Come along as we explore the winners of the Joy of Dimensions Contest and announce the GRAND PRIZE winner LIVE!


Recent Hot Fixes:

Removal of Falling Damage is permanent

  • Racial Abilities: Dwarven racial ability, Density, has been removed. Replaced with Second Breakfast – Restores 8% health and mana per second over 13 seconds.

Thunderous Leap (Warrior PvP PA ability) disabled in instances and dungeons

  • Ailion said on the forums: Thunderous Leap was disabled in instances because the use of this ability to bring the player to supposedly inaccessible locations resulted in some unintended game states within certain encounters. This causes the mechanics of the encounters to break. We have decided to disable this ability to maintain the integrity of the encounters.

A few random ones:

  • All Feasts now persist through death – whether you respawn, resurrect, or Soul Walk
  • Swift mounts (110% speed) and higher now all scale to your fastest purchased mount’s speed.
  • You can now use Nexus Infusion while moving!

Community Report.


Optional Carnage buttoDearest Trion, in short, very short! can you please give us a button or check mark for optional carnage acceptance so we can turn this auto accept off? I’m level 60 and no longer in need of carnage’s especially in low level zones- Amarayna on the forums


Onslaught AOE Mechanic

There was a lot of discussion on the forums this past week about the new AOE Mechanic in Onslaughts:  The attempt is to keep players from standing in one place too long or AFK’ing during onslaughts. (anti-botting) Looks like a rift tear with a ground effect that will efficiently kill you if you stay in it.



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