Cari and Layanor were on their own this week. Will Chris never learn? They talked about Update 10, Sapience’s beard, Twitter chats, and Layanor hummed a lot.

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What We Did This Week:


  •  Did a surprise Fornost run to help shake off some of the raiding rust we have.
  • I am 50% for rank 11 in the moors.


  • Finished up the Eaves of Fanghorn Quest Line – It was pretty fun.
  • Still working on dailies for Hytbold. – An ent killed me in one of the public instances.
  • Purchased my first Hytbold gear Piece
  • Helped kill Bugud – Received a broken old ring.
  • Broke down, bought keys and opened up my level 80 loot boxes. Got 5 Compendiums of Middle Earth IV, A really neat cloak, a universal tool kit, and some crafting crit scrolls.
  • Ran some Moria Instances with the Wednesday night deed group. Finished Dark Delvings for the first time ever,


  • Working through the Eaves of Fangorn.
  • Got ahead of myself with the epic story. Started heading south before I was done Fangorn.


9.1 Release Notes,_Official

  • There’s a new “Find Items” dialog which allows you to find items by typing in part of their name.
  • Space Combat has been removed from the game.
  • Travel mounts are no longer invisible to players.

Classic Instances

  • Drop rates on Star-lit crystals and 2nd Age Symbols have been slightly reduced.

Barad Guldur

  • Reduced the quality of the regular boss chests for Durchest and the Twins on Tier 1 and Tier 2. They will no longer drop 2nd Age Symbols, among other things. Challenge chests and the Lieutenants chest remain unaffected.
  • Reduced the chance of getting equipment drops for each player on T1 and T2 difficulty slightly.


  • Vendors in Mirkwood and elsewhere have finally gotten the news that Medallions of Dol Guldur have been replaced, and are now willing to accept Medallions for their wares.

Dev Diary: New Currency Mithril Coins:

  • Replacing some of the writs and tomes
  • See picture revive will cost more than one Coin a travel writ will cost one.
  • We should be able to see this on Bullroarer when it goes up.

Dev Twitter Chat:

  • Forced Emote Toggle is coming!!! For Free!!!!!
  • Getting a new area that isn’t the expansion.
  • Wardens are switching to Agility
  • Community asked if the Galuhad’s Kinship proposal will be considered.
  • Turbine replied with the order they will be doing requests this year. Class revamps, housing revamp, and kinship revamp.

  • Turbine has no plans to use any of the faction rep mounts for warsteed cosmetics.
  • They are looking for player ideas on how to update and change the character  models.
  • Second ages will be available for Marks, Medallions, and/or Seals

Sapience lost his face!

  • Talks about update 10 this week on Bullroarer.

Did You Know™

Crafting Toward Mordor with the Universal Crafting Kit

  • The Universal Toolkit is Bound to Account.
  • The Universal Toolkit can get passed through the Shared Storage or if you are lazy like me they are 150 TP.
  • Crafters are getting quite a few levels
  • Froma Danania’s Post: At Yule festival 2012 a month ago, the five main lil-dana crafters were all level 25, now they are level 35 to 38.
  • There is a level 38 farmer who has zero kills. She has been leveled by crafting alone.


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