gwrpinChris and Celeste have a special guest, talk guild missions, and define what is and is not bacon.

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What We Did This Week

Screaming Goats


  • Dailies, messing around with livestreaming, AC SM, not a lot of playtime :/


  • Zone completion with my Warrior. I love the 2 handed hammer tight now. THUMP!
  • Almost level 10 with my Ele. Not in love with it as much as I thought I would be. I wonder why? Back to my Engineer I guess.

Lion’s Arch Report

Colin Johanson stops by to talk about Flame & Frost: Gathering Storm

  • Guild Missions – have to work together to unlock missions, rewards for everyone but extra for the sponsoring guild’s members, create notoriety for your guild on your home server by hosting and completing guild missions
  • Daily cheevos – revamp allows you to complete “5 of 9” objectives to complete the cheevo. could be something very specific like veterans in a certain zone.

Looting the tables

  • you’ll start getting at least 1 blue or better quality item from all champions (as long as you do enough qualifying damage to get a drop)
  • won’t always get a drop from a veteran because they only have a chance to drop something slightly better than usual not necessarily anything at all
  • more details with the feb update notes

Dev tags, exploits and party quits

Norn Spirit Watch PvP Map


Ask An Asuran

Devouring Tyria

  • Foods and Potions stack
  • gives you a list of the most efficient foods
  • lack of bacon


Tales of Tyria

Official Meet & Greet with ANet in Seattle

Every Rose has its lawsuit

  • valentine’s bouquet
  • would throw a rose into someone’s hand
  • roses dying for the pleasure of others is pretty dark – very nightmare court

Sylvari Haircuts


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