Chris, Cari and Layanor discuss how we survived the LOTRO Apocalypse of 2013, and how circles make a square.

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What We Did This Week


  • Did lots of Ettenmoors.
  • Talked to lots of players about the new update 10 video. It seems the video is going community viral and building lots of conversation.
  • Everyone loves the video and hopes we keep doing more like it. Props to Chris for setting these up!


  • Hytbold Dailies
  • Followed Twitter a whole lot when the game was down
  • Logged into all the servers I have characters on and paid housing maintenance.


  • Ding 84! Ran out of quests, and didn’t want to do tasks, so I just killed mobs and warbands in the landscape.
  • Started Hytbold! First quest is annoying, but I did get to run my first public instance. Killed me some mounted baddies.


Turbine is Compensating Players for the Lengthy Downtime
As a thank you for your understanding and patience during this downtime, all Premium and VIP players who have logged into their account in the past 30 Days (as of 6:00AM Eastern time on 2/14/2013) will receive 250 Turbine points. In addition, all VIP players who have logged in during the same period will have their accounts credited 1 day of VIP time for each day of downtime, plus 1 additional day. All points and additional time will be granted automatically.

Known Issues: Billing/MyAccount Maintenance, 2/14/13            

  • There is a chance after upgrading your account to VIP from Free or Premium that your old status will continue to display after your purchase. This is incorrect, and we have received your payment and upgraded your account. Clicking the home button in MyAccount will force the page to refresh and show your newly upgraded status.
  • If you pay for your subscription via PayPal, you will have to log into and re-enter your PayPal information. If you do not, your subscription will not automatically renew at the end of your currently paid for time. Once you re-add your PayPal information, auto-renew will work as normal.
  • Turbine Point codes must be applied through, rather than through the LOTRO Store in-game. To add a Turbine Point code, log in using your account credentials at, enter the code into the Product Key section of the page, and click “Submit”. Follow the instructions.
  • Attempting to add new credit cards through the LOTRO Store in-game may not return a confirmation page. If your credit card is not successfully added, you can add your credit card information through
  • It is not currently possible to add an Asheron’s Call product key without first adding another Turbine game account. In order to add an Asheron’s Call product key, first create a free game account for either Dungeons & Dragons Online or Lord of the Rings Online. DDO and/or LOTRO accounts can be created for free by visiting or

Welcome back to Middle-earth!

Celestrata Posted this on the forums.
As a way of saying thank you for all of your patience, we will be offering a welcome back 100% bonus experience boost and a boost to lootbox drops from today until February 26th.

Did You Know

Today’s did you know is about the magical out of your range abilities of skills.

Playing a warden out in the moors has taught me a lot. No matter how far my target is, I have a great chance to hit it. Even if it runs down a hill out of view or behind a rock. My ambush is gonna knock em down!

If I start my ambush when they are at the edge of my range, and they run away out of my range. It will still hit unless they are real far away. Max range for ambush is 15m. This is clearly 20 to 25 meters if they run away.

Now lets say right as my throw animation is about to go off and a creep just slips behind a rock. Because the animation is already going, the ambush still goes off straight through the rock and knocks them down. I assume its because there is line of site before they hide that split second so the game does the attack no matter what.

So what does this mean to other classes? I have tested this out. If a lore master does lightning storm and mobs run off somewhere else. The storm will still hit them outside of your range.

Because the game doesn’t have action game mechanics, a lot of the melee skills act differently. For example, you’re not running in with a AOE attack. Your dropping a AOE. Very few attacks follow you. A good example of this is to drop a square of duct tape onto some marbles rolling around. All the marbles in that attack will stick to the tape. If this was a action game. You would instead be shoving a wood square threw the marbles and seeing how many you hit as it went thru.

What this all boils down to is knowing more about how the attacks work in the game, and not how you think they work.


Submit your Player Run Events for Middle-earth Fashion Week!        
Are you ready to strut your stuff? Middle-earth Fashion Week is almost upon us!

Much like last year’s player event promotions, we’re looking to help spotlight and promote your in-game player events during this year’s Middle-earth Fashion Week. If you have an idea for an event, or one you’re already running, send it to us at

We’ll be spotlighting events that will run between March 4th and March 11th. If we like your event, we’ll get back to you and work with you to provide the following things:

  • We’ll put your event in our Fashion Week Event calendar, which will be promoted on our forums, myLOTRO website, social media, game launcher, and LOTRO Newsletter!
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Please be aware that we cannot do the following:

  • Provide in-game GMs to assist with your event.
  • Change or add something in-game.

If any of this sounds like something you’d be interested in, send an email to with the following information:

  • Your real name
  • The server you will run the event on
  • Your kinship name
  • The name of your event
  • The date of your Event (Between July 3rd and July 16th)
  • What time of day you’ll run your event (please provide it in /servertime if you can!)
  • A description of what your event will entail
  • If your event has winners, please tell us how many winners you may have. Please be aware that if it is a large number of winners, we will not be able to provide prizes for everyone.

We look forward to reading what you’ve all come up with, and we can’t wait to work with you!

On March 10 LOTRO Reporter will be hosting a fashion show. We will be submitting to Turbine. More information will be coming in the days ahead.

LOTRO Classic video
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Comment by Jonathan on the Last Episode
It’s too easy making sport of customers who complain in the forums, tossing in silly voices and disparaging stereotypes. This after advocating a civil tone. Yes, it’s difficult to watch an online game you love slip into that inevitable phase of decline but blaming customers is a poor expression of denial.

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