This week we discuss Rifts announcement to go FREE TO PLAY with Elrar!  And catch up on the past weeks news too.

Listen now:


What we’ve done in game:




  • Got me a HELLBUG!  And then dyed my wardrobe to match it.  Took a while to find the group running around Ashora, but got it the first night I did.

  • Have done all the dailies in Ashora at Nurjak Vostra, (south Ashora)

Solo’d level 60 quests, including the group quest for the dailies.

  • less then a bar from level 57!

  • Have my plat to buy my 130% mount!!  Why can’t it be pretty?

  • After completing the quest chains in Ashora we travelled to Dusken.  Explored all but the last zone, getting all the ports, doing a few carnage quests.  Nope, not a fan, sooo creepy!



  • Hellbug mount, Hellbug pet, MORE mounts and pets…. My alts are happy.

  • Dailies in Ashora

  • Explored EVERYTHING!

  • Instant Adventure.

  • Crafting stuff, trying to get some good stuff for the AH.


News from the Rift


Elrar Interview June 12- RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault & F2P



* Hungry, hungry Helbugs have crash landed in RIFT from the DEFIANCE universe! A new fire rift named “Invasive Species” now has a chance to appear in all zones. Completing the unstable stages of this rift offers a chance at acquiring any of three different types of hellbug mounts and companions, including the extremely rare Toxic Hellbug.






LIVE STREAM COVERAGE – Join us live* at http://www.twitch.tv/trionworlds for the latest Free-to-Play details and discussion:

  • Free-to-Play Overview – 1:30pm PDT Friday, May 17

  • REX, Loyalty, & Gifting – 1:30pm PDT Friday, May 31

  • Dendrome Preview – 1:30pm PDT Friday, June 7

  • Update 2.3: Empyreal Assault – 1:30pm PDT Friday, June 14


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