This week, we talk about EVE Online, Trion Worlds new MMO, and the new video of Kingdom Under Fire II

Listen now:


What we did in game


Layanor – The Googler

  • LOTRO – Not much

  • Secret World – Not Much

  • The Walking Dead – Episode 3

  • Tried Tiny Deathstar

  • Played Street fighter X Tekken and Street fighter 4 arcade edition online “???”

  • Worked on my fighting game for awhile

  • Construct2 – downloaded free version

Harry – OPP “Yeah you know me”


Chris -

  • LOTRO – Inventory cleared out and ready for Helm’s Deep

  • Hearthstone – A few quick matches.

  • Guild Wars 2 – WuvWuv and Kessex

  • SWTOR Space Combat

  • Marvel Heros – Asgard Opening Event and PvP (once)

  • Defiance – Arenas

  • Rift – Dendrome

  • Tiny Death Star

EVE: Online Rubicon is released!

  • Deployables

  • New ships

  • High Sec POCOs

  • ISIS

  • Traffic jams



Trion Worlds Announces Trove

  • Voxel based MMO meets Minecraft meets Cube World meets EQ Next.

  • Finish a world with your friends, a new world is created.

  • Quests + leveling up

  • Contribute to the game by creating new weapons, creatures and environments.

Elder Scrolls Online is sending out invites!–november-19th

  • Today Bethesda has sent out more beta test keys for plays to check out the game.

  • If you signed up for it, now is the time to check your mail!

  • If you still want to try and get into the beta, the sign up is still active.

Marvel Heroes now has PVP:

  • We are extremely excited to announce that our new PvP mode Fire & Ice has launched in Beta form.

  • Fire & Ice brings a brand new PvP combat mode to Marvel Heroes, pitting two teams of five players against one another. Players are tasked with guarding allied giants and defeating enemy giants as they move to destroy the opposing team’s base while protecting their own. During each battle, players receive Runestones for defeating enemy players and giants, which can be traded for offensive and defensive PvP buffs, as well as various utilities.

Kingdom Under Fire II: New trailer:

  • The new trailer gives a look into the towns of the game, along with some social emotes.

  • It also shows combat, how combat works with and without your army backing you up.

  • They show some boss battles, however these could be just player bought troops to aid your armies.

  • They also show the improved war magic and airship attacks during a major battle with real in game players.

Maplestory 2 has been announced:

  • Taking the world by storm this week is Maple Story 2

  • MapleStory 2, will be 3D version, but will still be close to the original MapleStory.

  • A teaser site has launched with a 2014 launch date mentioned.

  • Whether this is a worldwide release or Korean only is undetermined.

Mail Bag

[11:54:24 PM] Roselinda: From Roselinda:  could all three of you do a dramatic interpretation of either: RELEASE THE KRAKEN or HERE’S JOHNNY in a theatrical way…or improv a skit. Also, I would like to dedicate this to a “cowboys” fan.

MMO Flashback: Tera –

  • Was released in North America on May 1, 2012 by Bluehole studios. The game went free to play in February 5, 2013.

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