Chris, Cari and Layanor talk about privies, finishing fast, and Epic Battles.

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What We Did in Game



  • Helm’s Deep Launch Party
  • Leveling 86 – Doing quests on two Mini’s
  • Found the Privies. I don’t remember seeing privies before

Chris -

  • Level 89 – ½ way to 90
  • Really enjoying questing
  • Not sure what I think of Epic Battles yet. Most of the time, I feel bored. Will it get better when I can do more?


Helm’s Deep Release Notes

  • Vault-keepers now sell bags of copper, silver, and gold coins. These bags of currency can be sent to other characters on the same world through Shared Storage, allowing you to share money without using the mail system.

  • Travel rations are no longer required.

  • All lower level leather and wood forester recipes will now have a second processing step, similar to that in Tiers 7-9. The names have also been changed to be more consistent with those in the later tiers.

  • Both Tier 1 and Tier 6 tin deposits and the recipes to make tin ingots have been removed. Tin ingots should now be available via the Supply vendor. Any tin ore that is still in player inventories will be able to be converted into copper ingots via the multi-output option on the copper ingot recipes.

  • New processing recipes have been added for lower level jeweler, metalsmith, tailor, weaponsmith and woodworker professions.

  • Components have been removed from metalsmith, tailor, weaponsmith and woodworker recipes. Any components that players have in their inventory can be turned back into useable crafting materials via auto-granted recipes listed in the crafting panel under Obsolete Item Conversion.

  • Mithril quest teleportation costs have increased slightly for Helm’s Deep questing areas only. 5 instead of 1

Patch 12.1 Release Notes

  • Players are no longer directed to buy Helm’s Deep if they already own it.

  • Localization – French and German Epic Battle text is now in French and German rather than English.

  • Mac Client – Many Rendering issues on the Mac have been resolved.

  • Fixed a client crash that would occur on 32-bit Operating Systems.

  • Helm’s Dike 6-man – ‘Invisible walls’ have been removed.

  • Deeping-Coomb – The secondary quests “Prepare to Fall Back” and “A Pillage Denied” have been enabled.


  • Housing now accepts unique items to be placed in storage. You may now open your storage.

  • Please note, items lost will not be replaced with this hotfix. They will be returned to you at a later time.


  • Some effects were erroneously stacking up and firing off after mounting/dismounting or performing other actions. This should no longer happen.

Known Issue

  • Any players who have purchased the Helm’s Deep offer on the Store from the time we launched Helm’s Deep until we hotfix on Friday will not receive the Hauberk of the Hammerhand chest cosmetic or the Enforcer of Helm title on characters that have not logged in during that time frame.

Layanor’s Did You Know

  • This was sent in by minion Marade of Brandywine

  • I was looking for some Yarrow Roots to level my lowbie scholar and making gold dye is one of the easiest ways to do that – however- I was having a hard time collecting Yarrow Roots from the landscape.

  • Nen Harn in North Downs has the most but is heavily farmed so no luck

  • I checked online and found out that there is a farming recipe – Westfold Tier 7- for Wildflowers that give you a yarrow root 100% of the time!!

  • yay!

  • This recipe requires Friend Standing with Men of Dunland & can be purchased from the Dunlending Quartermaster in Galtrev.

  • here’s the link to what the recipe produces



End of Beta Event Pictures

  • Sapience’s Huron’s and the Catapults are featured

LOTRO Quad Pack Available on Amazon

  • Moria – Expansion extra slots and classes

  • Mirkwood

  • Isengard

  • Rohan

  • 39.99

  • Bay horse and riding skill

Contains Moderate Peril: The Average LOTRO Player

  • LOTRO players are not always gamers per se.

  • By far the biggest selling point of LOTRO for such players is  the IP .

  • Many of the players in my own kinship, or those I have spoken to outside of it have never participated in a raid of any kind, despite the opportunities to do so.

  • For every member of my kin who has multiple alts at level cap, there is another who has a list of alts that have been abandoned or are still work in progress.

  • The officers in kins I been involved with tend to be those who play a lot and to a high level.

  • The majority of players in my kin and the wider alliance, as well as those I see in regional and global chat are satisfied with what the game has to offer. Simply put, players that play casually, work through content at their own pace, focus on role play or just  ”potter” about LOTRO often tend to be the most content. The game provides them with exactly what they want. A Middle-earth themed environment.

  • Furthermore a lot of players I know have happily pre-ordered Helm’s Deep and are not concerned by the fact that there was little information available when they did so.

  • It would seem that LOTRO is looked upon as a pleasant means of relaxation in an virtual environment that most find agreeable.

The Starry Mantle Turns Two

  • She has prizes to give a way for her second anniversary

  • She makes some of the mannequin outfits for LOTRO

Sapience reached his goal of raising over 50K for Extra Life

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