Cari is joined by Captain-General Yand of the Brandywine server. We talk mostly about the Moors.

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What We Did in Game


  •  State of the Moors –  things to I’m Looking ahead to  12.2


  • Attended some Winterstock

  • Did some HD questing

  • Made rank 2


Notes for Taking the Hobbits to Isengard – Elendilmir

  • Any updates to the Moors planned?  – There is some stuff Jinjaah is working on that Sapience is not at liberty to discuss. Jinjaah talked at length about the Moors with a PvP player’s council member when they were out to Turbine, and it seemed a productive discussion.

  • Other questions re: Moors were around the visuals and graphics in the moors – will they be getting a significant update anytime soon, and Sapience was saying no, the focus will not likely be on the look or the graphics.

  • There were some fairly technical moors-related questions asked that I didn’t quite follow, and Sapience said he’s going to leave those to Jinjaah when he’s able to come in and do the event, which he does plan on doing at some future point when he has time. A few players stepped in at this point and said that they did know the answers to some of those questions, and apparently a lot of the fixes for the issues discussed are coming next update, 12.2 (which Sapience said should probably be live next week sometime).

  • When will players council members be changing up? – They will be changing at anniversary time. A few exceptionally helpful members will be staying on, but the rest will be replaced. Applications will be posted in the forums.

  • Whatever happened to the global chat channel that was discussed before HD? – It is by no means dead – they are still working on it. A lot of it depends on when an engineer is available and has nothing else to do, which isn’t often. They need to also consider how many chat channels (if more than one) and what they might be.

  • Could we get an Arena for sparring? – There is one in the new HD area that was built with the hope that players would use it for sparring. I have no idea where it is – if anyone has any ideas let me know. There is also one in Evendim (at Ost Forod, the second Stone Marker quest takes you there).

  • Will there ever be a Bracketed Sparring Tournament? – Players have tried doing it. It takes a lot of work but it can be done (by players).

  • Disable sparring timers for tournaments? – Not likely they will be disabled, but he will pass on the suggestion to make them longer. Someone suggested that if they are extended then sparring should be removed from crafting and auction houses and he said that sounded reasonable.

  • Bounders Bounty rewards, when will they be up? – As far as he knows they’re still working on getting the names together for the various statues on every server, so not quite ready yet, but will make a post when there’s more info.

  • Will Hobnobigans be returning? (this one comes up every HtI run) – Sapience says he will never give up on trying to get the devs to bring it back. It’s just one of those things that has to take a lower priority to other things so may take awhile.

  • Will the devs ever play huge trolls in-game? – Never say never. Could happen.

  • Could we ever take a passenger on a horse? – It’s useful to think of horses as “horse pants” because that is essentially what they are, so that creates a technical issue that makes passengers extremely unlikely to ever happen.

  • What is the likelihood we will someday get a boat or a horse cart ‘mount’ even just for fun? – He doesn’t think anything like that is in the works but he will pass the suggestion along.

Spam Posters Hit the Forums over the Weekend

  • Sapience thinks he got the posts cleaned up, and has some advice.

  • Something to keep in mind. I know I asked people NOT to post in spam threads and I know some people really want to post little notes saying reported. While these don’t really discourage anything from doig anything, they DO make it hard for us to wipe out the threads. We can bulk delete and ban threads quickly but that means ALL POSTERS IN THE THREAD are deleted and banned as well.

Did You Know

You can mute players in a raid


Hopes for LOTRO 2014


Louni of Landroval

Great show! Nice to hear Goldenstar again. Your fun “casual” banter has been missed. Which brings me to Chris, and his decision to leave. I can fully understand the why’s of his decision, but it does make me sad.

The work you have put into this show through the years is incredible!… I know Cari and Layanor will do a fantastic job, as they have been doing, but you still will be missed. /toast.

One last thing, Pretty sure you can have a full 24 man raid played synced music in game. I am a member of the Green Hill Music Society on landy, we have performed pieces with 18 parts in the past. and I don’t think we stopped at 18 because we couldn’t fit more, we just never made a ABC file with that many parts…(there are other issue’s with a song file playing that many parts, but that would take up to much space, and I have already been rambling,

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