Cari and Layanor talk about 42 questions, hobbit loremasters, and mail attachments.

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What We Did in Game


  • afk in the moors a lot.


  • A little bit of leveling 94.5


LOTRO inducted in the 2014 MMO Hall of Fame Class

LOTRO Answers Your Questions

  • They answered 42 questions

  • LOTRO has given us the the answer to life the universe and everything :)

Rocky Mount North Carolina Meet and Greet March 28

Official Florida Player Meet and Greet April 5

Update 12.3 Patch Notes

Hobbits to Isengard Notes Gladden

  • Why do we have another double XP weekend

  • The majority of players enjoy these events, it’s great for leveling up alts

  • Based on what some of the players were commenting on in chat, Sapience says next end of beta event they will need some sort of streaming cataclysmic Bree event that all players can watch.

  • Who is the Gandalf of the dev team

  • He says HoarseDev has currently got the best beard

  • Why is it “Welcome Back Weekend”

  • He says the name should be updated/changed. It’s just an effect that they turn on from time to time because the majority of players really like the extra XP gain. It’s one of the more popular things they do.

  • Why is XP boost free and XP disable not

  • Great question with a really simple answer: The point of the game is to advance, and the relatively small by comparison number of people who actually use the XP disabler, to enable that across the server and stop everybody by force is not an option, since most people are trying to level their characters.

  • More discussion about lag. He says that integrated graphics cards will really hurt your performance. For those on 64 bit systems that have a good size chunk of memory turn your texture cache up to max. It will help you preload things faster when moving between zones. Things you can turn off to help ease the load on your system is 3D portraits, also cloaks, mounts, banners – the more unique elements you have onscreen with the higher the settings, the more lag you will experience.

  • Will turning off floaty damage help with lag

  • Yes, floaty damage, floaty reputation renown, infamy, if you turn that off it will help a bit. Anything you can do to ease the load on your computer having to draw up stuff, the better your performance will be.

  • Why are there no hobbit LMs

  • A lot of classes are restricted by race because they try to stick to what makes sense within the lore. However there has been discussion about opening the classes up more to other races. Nothing definite yet but it is being considered. A hobbit storyteller is a lot closer to a minstrel than a lore master. There’s a big difference between someone who tells a story, and someone who uses the old ways to produce weather effects and things of that nature like a lore master does.

  • Question about getting devs in the event

  • RockX, Jinjaah, HoarseDev are all devs he’s for sure planning to get in on one of the streams. In fact he’s thinking of just doing a stream that’s not an event one, just he and the devs answering questions in real time. Sort of like a dev panel, instead of streaming the game.

  • Are there constellations in the LotRO night sky

  • Yes, there are (points out various constellations). It is accurate, but he can’t remember what it’s mapped to.

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