Cari and Layanor talk about fashion. We have a guest in the Community News section, and we talk about the Turbine Layoffs.

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What We Did in Game



  • Power leveled, friend of the show Rorgg

  • 9% away from rank 13

  • Killed 1000 Weavers for tier 2 deed

  • Gathering things for the Kinship Festival


  • Ali of Brandywine to level 95

  • Leveling a Captain

  • Asked Twitter what I should do next.

    • Captain

    • Burglar

    • Spider (Reaver)


Turbine Hit with Layoffs

Thank you


Hannah Foyle






And some QA’s

I’ve seen numbers from 15 to 95 people laid off.

Hobbits to Isengard – Lauralin

Question about bugs

  • As soon as you see a bug, make sure you bug it right away and, most importantly, give detailed instructions to the developers on how to recreate the problem. He doesn’t currently have any information about the status of specific bugs

Are all the servers running on same hardware

  • Contrary to what many people think, a “LotRO server” is not a machine, it’s a series of machines. For example it may be 8 different PCs, a load balancer, databases and various other hardware. But all the servers have pretty much the same hardware and are pretty much equal.

Is the Turbine de-fragger tool still around and can it be used on the current build

  • The Turbine defragger doesn’t exist anymore and he greatly discourages using it. If you still have it you should not use it, you could destroy your install.

Will the people who are on the Bounder’s Bounty plaques be able to choose which character they want displayed in the future

  • When they started sorting out what was going to go on the Bounder’s Bounty plaques it was discovered there was going to be a group of 1,400+ people needing to respond with which character they wanted on the plaque, and that was going to take way too long to organize, so instead they went with the accounts that had the highest count, and which of the characters on that account contributed the most.

Are there any plans to have any discussion based on the feedback to the Producer Letter threads on Housing, Inventory, etc

  • The point of those threads was to get an idea of what players were looking for, see what the consensus points were. Even taking into account all those threads on English, German and French forums, at most it is the opinion of maybe 300 people, not a significantly large portion of the player base. So when they seek player feedback they do so through multiple venues, and they look at multiple sources of suggestions and input to see where the consistency lies across all sources of feedback, rather than focusing on one particular forum thread and taking that as the definitive answer to what the players want.

When is U13 coming

  • It is scheduled for March, probably toward the latter end of the month. He doesn’t have a date yet but when he does he will let everyone know.

Are there plans for any other bare-chested cosmetics

  • There was a joking discussion about bare-chested elves at one point, but no, there are no current plans to add more bare-chests. Although he won’t rule it out. He doesn’t usually get a heads up on the art that goes into any update, so he can’t really say or predict whether any particular cosmetic will end up in the game.

Any plans for crafting in homesteads

  • It’s been discussed, but he doesn’t know if it will happen, in what form or when. It’s a discussion that’s been happening as part of the larger housing revamp

Can we please get more than 17 character slots

  • This is a suggestion he’s made in the past, and he will pass it along again. At one point there was a technical reason for that limit but he doesn’t know if that technical issue still stands.

Can you get mobs who are grouped up to be linked so they just don’t stand there when you attack their companion

  • He’s not aware of any plans to change the way mobs aggro when they are in groups but he will pass the information along

What determines weather in-game, is it based on real world weather somewhere

  • No, but it’s not entirely random. There is a day file in the game that gives a region its day/night cycle, etc. and generates weather at what appear to be random times. It’s not based on real world weather or anything like that.

Will we ever see changing seasons during festivals

  • No because the regions are locked in time based on the part of the story they appear in. That is why Winterhome was created; to have a wintery region for the winter festival

Will there be new festivals or changes to the existing ones in the near future

  • Definitely something they are looking at – how can they improve and add to the festivals to keep them exciting. The Anniversary festival is currently being worked on

With the revamps of ND, Trollshaws and MM, will we see graphical updates as well as quest clusters/changes

  • Probably not. At least nothing as dramatic as Bree. It’s more about making them more playable and improving the flow.

Will it be possible, someday, to take a chicken past Isengard (perhaps via a Strange Chicken Nest)

  • It might be possible, but he doesn’t know what the plans are for chickens beyond Isengard. Though the devs have spent time recently kicking them about.

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