[NSFW] +1 Keyboard – Minecraft Ep #2 Look out behind you!

Layanor shows Cari what zombies look like! We also learn how to get lost. Very quickly…

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[NSFW] +1 Keyboard – The Secret World Ep #4 – Pages and Persons.

Lay and Ila run around and get lost doing some simple quests.

Thanks to everyone that gave good feedback!
This is the end of the pilot shows of +1 Keyboard. The network liked the idea of them, and we had a good amount of views.

The next shows will be of higher quality, much more focus on what we need to improve on, and possibly other mmos if we get the free time to do them.

More to come soon!

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[NSFW] +1 Keyboard – Minecraft Ep #1 – Teaching the Cari

Layanor runs after Carimac in a bikini! Teaching her how to play the game.

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