Extra-Life 2014 – Rampaging across Nexus!

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This year, MMO Reporter is going big by going small!

We’ve decided that for Extra-Life 2014, we will be playing Wildstar 2 for 24 hours straight! No only that, but our entire group will be taking part as Chua of various classes.

If you want to play with us for the whole event please join us in making an Chua, if you’ll be playing with us briefly feel free to bring whatever character you wish. We’ll be inviting people into the MMO Reporter circle in order to facilitate a more cooperative experience to join send a mail or tell to Chuazar Mmorep.

Want to take part with us? Join the team and email so that we can get set up before the big event. With the new megaservers, we won’t have to worry about being on the right server!

You can find our Extra-Life team here:

There, you’ll find all of our team members, and you can donate as we try to reach our goal of $1,000!

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