LOTRO Reporter 316 – Interview with Cordovan and Severlin

Chris sits down with Cordovan and Severlin and discusses the transition from Turbine to Standing Stone Games, and what that means for LOTRO and DDO.

Audio Version:

  • Revenwyn

    Transcript appreciated for deaf people.

  • Verenath

    I really wish you would have inquired about the graphics/animations update. Is it really happening? Is it already in the works? ETA?

    I realize they mentioned it when they moved but some additional information would have been great. I know a lot of players don’t care but I’m pretty certain there is a large number of players and former players that are interested.

    Pretty good podcast though, my first one to listen to from lotro reporter/mmo reporter.


    • Chris

      I have to admit, it’s not a priority to me. With a nearly 10 year old game, I’m more worried about mechanics that work and quests that keep me interested. Also, this wasn’t really a “nuts and bolts” interview for me. I was focused on the Standing Stone Games transition and the future of the game.

      Sorry that I didn’t ask! Have you tried Twitter/the forums?

      Thanks for listening! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • John Boothe

    64bit clients for both Lotro and DDO would be nice along with Open world PVP in DDO.
    Both of these MMO’s definitely deserve a graphics overhaul.By far the two best MMOs out there.

    • Ole Petter Ingebrigtsen

      My wish would be that they gave us the ability to play DDO and LoTRO using the same account

  • TheDrac

    Really nice to hear whats going to happen.. I’m a returning veteran to DDO.. So its cool they are not slowing down.. 😀 As for the Graphics update, I dont mind the graphics now, but an dx12, or just overall update would be nice, not only for me, but it would also probably bring new blood, more players to the games..:D

  • Ecokid

    Even if you dont play either games, hearing the devs speak so candidly about mmo development is fascinating.