LOTRO Reporter 317 – Update Madness

Chris and Carrie dive travel the paths of Middle Earth to talk about the latest Producer’s Letter which gives us a view of this year’s updates and where we’ll be going. The desolate lands of Mordor await us!

Audio Version:


What we’ve done in game:


  • I patched the game. 🙂


  • New Burglar!
  • Continuing my exploration of the lands outside the Black Gate






Producer’s Letter


  • New event coming as centerpiece to 10th anniversary celebrations
  • Update 20
    • The Wastes
      • Bleak Noman-lands
      • Dagorlad
      • Slag-Hills of Mordor
      • Talion????? I would lose my mind with happiness with a Talion easter egg
    • Battle of the Black Gate
    • Two capstone resource dungeons
      • Solo or Fellowship
    • Various companies within the Host of the West
      • Factions mentioned during the interview?
  • Update 21
    • This is the expansion
    • “Shatter the Black Gates and march into Mordor”
    • Multiple (four – as per interview) regions
    • New monsters, new mechanics and new treasures
    • New High Elf race
    • Aesthetic improvements to all races
  • Update 22
    • Still this year (hopefully)


Massively OP Interview


  • Character model and animation update
  • New race – “High Elf”


Interview at MMO-Central with Cordovan, Made of Lions and Severlin


  • Allegiance System
    • You pledge yourself to the Dwarves, the Hobbits, the Men or The Elves.
    • Follow each individual storyline
    • Questions
      • Can you change allegiances?
        • Yep. Gets harder as you go on with one character.
      • Does the choice matter?
  • Majority of Mordor expansion takes place AFTER the Ring is destroyed.


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Discussion/Poll on forums about LOTRO Music


  • LOTRO Legacy – New Menu Screen music from Riders of Rohan


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