LOTRO Reporter 320 – Mordor is Freakin Expensive!

Chris dives into the recent announcement of the Mordor expansion pricing, and what that means for the LOTRO community.

Thanks to twitter users @xlnghelene @LinaWillowood @Rav_Griffon @ZedRAWRock and @Afwife516 for the research for this episode.

What do you think of the price for the tiers? Do you agree/disagree? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Joe

    I haven’t bought the expansion yet. I agree with your thoughts about the pricing, Chris. The basic content is available at the typical price point, so that is fine. The higher packages are just for flair. I think the backlash is because getting the flair is much more painful then it has been in the past, especially the super-flair. So, people are upset because SSG modified the usual pricing scheme and have pushed the super-flair out of some players’ monetary reach. It will end up making those people feel bad in-game because, as kin mates show off their ultimate title, it will make them look like they don’t love Tolkien as much.
    I think you overlooked the other main complaint with the expansion, which is the inability to buy it with points for a long, long time. Even if they had said that you could buy the basic expansion with 7000 LP 2 weeks after launch, I think there would be less grumbling.

    The reason I haven’t pre-ordered is because it sounds like the expansion still needs a lot of work, but is being thrust on everyone so that SSG can cash in as soon as possible. I am not going to reward a company for shoddiness. So, I am going to wait and see how the launch goes and, if things are going well, will probably buy the basic package a week or so afterward. If there seem to be big issues, I will hold off longer, and, if it goes on too long, then I might decide to just wait until November, to see if there is a Black Friday sale. And, at that point, if there is no sale, I may as well just wait until I can buy it with LP.