MMO Reporter 282 – We Killed It!

Chris and Bill gather for a moment of silence to mourn the fate of Landmark but are quickly enheartened by the new of Wildstar’s upcoming end-game update. After some quick CES talk, they close the show with some news of a poor Guild Wars 2 player who hit the gold cap.

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What we did in game:


  • WoW
  • GoT Telltale game


  • WoW
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Titanfall 2

Chat Room:

GumpsGang – DDO and FFIV

Grimesis – Stellaris and GW2


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Landmark shutting down

  • LOTS of anger on the Forums
  • Refunds will be in Daybreak Cash
  • All items in the shop reduced to 1 Daybreak Cash (~$0.01)


Wildstar “Power of the Primal Matrix” Announcement

  • New alternate advancement system – Primal Matrix
    • For level 50
    • Currency/Experience are called Primal Essences
      • Gathered through playing the game – PvE, PvP, instanced content, etc.
      • Signature members get a bonus
      • Four different currencies
    • Reminds me of the Rift Planer Attunement system, but more flexible
    • Happy yet unhappy. Things to worry about at end game:
      • Gear
      • AMPS
      • Runes
        • I hate runes with a passion ~Chris
      • Now Primal Matrix
  • Prime Difficulty Scaling
    • New difficulty scaling for classic PvE content
    • Prime Difficulty level set when queueing. Higher difficulty equals better loot.
    • Starting with two classic dungeons (Ruins of Kel Voreth and Stormtalon’s Lair), two classic Expeditions (They Came from Fragment Zero and The Gauntlet).
    • Content scaling goes the other way too. All normal pre-50 instances will scale enemy levels to the group’s lowest character’s level, and then reduce everyone in the group to that level as well.
    • This allows high level characters to help out new low-level WildStar friends and guildmates—and these instances also feature scaling items that will make it worth their while.
  • New 5 man dungeon: Coldblood Citadel
  • New Expedition: Evil from the Ether


Diablo 20th Anniversary

  • A portal in old-Tristram contains a portal that teleports you to a “familiar” cathedral, where adventure awaits
  • A bunch of updated legendary items
  • Greater Rifts have had QOL improvements
    • More even mob distribution, better randomization for tilesets within the rift
  • New Dye system
  • Seems like a small patch.  Last paragraph implies more is coming with Season 9
  • There is also a Diablo 20th edition event in WoW




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CES Goodies

Acer Predator 21x Laptop

  • Dual 1080’s, 64GB RAM, Ultra-wide 2560×1080 resolution
  • 18 pounds, $9000 USD

Razer Project Valerie – triple screen gaming laptop

  • 3x 17” screens, GTX 1080 graphics
  • Concept laptop – not an actual release model
  • STOLEN!!

Razer Project Ariana – Slashgear hands-on

  • Projector AR expansion for gaming experiences
  • Ties in to Razer Chroma, which ads interactive lighting to peripherals (keyboards & mice)
  • Adds a projector experience that melds with the screen you’re playing on (i.e. it extends the graphics to be spread over the wall and ceiling as well)
  • Hard to explain – better to watch the demo video

Not gaming – Asus Zenfone AR

  • Powerful phone (Snapdragon 821, 8GB ram etc etc) that is the first phone to incorporate both Project Daydream (Google VR platform) capability and Google Tango (Google 3D camera mapping).

Not gaming – Honda Riding Assist

  • Self-balancing mechanism for motorcycles riding at low speeds – makes it harder to lay down a bike in the parking lot

HDMI 2.1 spec

  • includes capability for 8K resolution (33 million pixels, as opposed to 8 million for 4K)
  • dynamic metadata for HDR (blah blah blah – it just looks better)

New monitors


Quick Mentions:

GW2 Gold Cap discovered

  • Poster Numerix did it.
  • Numerix sad that there is no achievement.  Also sad because he had a goal of 1M gold.
    • My heart bleeds for him.


Elite: Dangerous is adding an outpost named after the late Carrie Fisher

  • Name of the station is “Fisher’s Rest” and will be added in 2.3


What are you playing next week?




  • WoW – need to make some gold, want to play 7.1.5
  • GW2
  • Civ

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