MMO Reporter 283 – Thargoids!!!

With a slight squeal in their voices, Chris and Bill travel to the depths of MMO space to bring you news of the Thargoid invasion of Elite: Dangerous. Once safely returned to earth, the conversation continues with some PvP news from Revelation Online, Project Gorgon’s one man dev team, and more!

Audio Version:


What we did in game:


  • WoW (sigh)
  • GW2 – apples for Hungry Hal


  • WoW
  • Rift
  • Wildstar
  • DDO
  • Titanfall 2

Chat Room:

GumpsGang: In-game: Lots of DDO, some FF14, and hooked again to Diablo 3

Grimesis: im in Diablo 3 right now, i played ESO, and FF


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Elite: Dangerous – Thargoids!


How to PvP in Revelation Online

  • Open World PvP starts at level 40
  • Killer Mark –
  • If you kill someone without them attacking you back, you get a Killer Mark. If you die with a Killer Mark, there’s some probability that you’ll lose some of your equipment.
      • To remove the Killer Mark, you have to complete a special quest or buy a special item.
  • Battlegrounds and Arenas
    • Characters level 40+ have access
    • Battlegrounds
      • 10×10, 20×20 and 30×30
      • Queue up individually or as a group
      • 10 level range
      • 10×10 battles are in a seperate PvPvE zone
        • Battle is 30 minutes or until a team gets 100 points.
        • Players are rewarded for killing other players, monsters, and fulfilling special conditions
      • 20×20 and 30×30 are King of the Hill mode (hold certain points)
  • Arenas




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Project Gorgon adding some high level content

  • New zone – Gaxluk Plateau: Home of the Orcs
  • Future playable Orc Race will start here
  • Lots of caves to explore
  • Level cap raising to 70
  • Coming next week!


WoW patch 7.1.5 released

  • Mists of Pandaria Timewalking
  • Brawler’s guild
  • Artifact level boosting
  • Class balance (ugh)
  • Nighthold coming soon


Quick Mentions:

Star Citizen shows off their alien language

  • Discussion with David Haddock and language creator Britton Watkins
  • Talk about the Vanduul and XI’AN languages
  • Very cool watch, sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy.


Richard Garriott publishes his memoirs

  • Ultima, space, Tabula Rasa and more


Season 12 of Star Trek Online launches Jan 26


Aion 2 in the works?

  • NCSoft has confirmed that it’s working on a new MMORPG title Project A2.
  • Aion 2? Could be!



Hey there Chris, Bill, and Harry!

I’ve been listening to your show for a few years now,  and I wanted to say thank you for all you do. Between work and school, I commute almost 10 hours a week and your show makes it a bit easier.

One quick note. This email is long and may not be suitable for on air.

On Episode 282, you had a short discussion on the WoW token price increase and I wanted to offer some insight. In the ramp up to Legion and shortly after launch, prices began to rise as players returned to the game. Many of these players had large quantities of gold from the old garrison missions before they were nerfed, and supply and demand forced prices from around 35k to 45k.

The current jump is based on data-mined information that tokens will soon be convertible to balance. When this change goes live, you could use your extra gold to buy Overarching,  HOtS characters, or even level boosts in WoW. This increase in perceived value spiked the price, and many players believe it will continue to go up.

Bill, since you are looking for ways to farm gold for game time, I will point you to the woweconomy sub-reddit. Many topics are deep-end of the pool and reddit is not exactly known for their patience with newbie questions, but I’ve picked up quite a few good ideas lurking there. So far, I made enough gold for 9 tokens in three months (playing about 4 hours per week normally plus 2 hours farming on the weekends). I would not be considered a “goblin” on woweconomy, but I do well enough for my needs.

Hope this helps you out a bit! Drop me an invite in game some time and I’ll be happy to show you my methods.

Take care,

Maloarn, Aerie Peak server


What are you playing next week?


  • WoW
  • Rift
  • DDO


  • WoW
  • GW2
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