MMO Reporter 284 – Coughing Conundrum

Chris and Bill take on the vile “cold” boss to bring you the latest and greatest in MMO news. With Marvel Heroes touting their biggest update ever and infighting in the WoW private server community, it’s nothing but drama on MMO Reporter this week!

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What we did in game:


  • WoW
  • GW2


  • WoW
  • Rift
  • Titanfall 2


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Marvel Heroes “Biggest Update Ever” trailer

  • Tons of changes coming to the game
  • Talent system change
    • No more power points – powers will be fully viable on unlock
    • Removing specializations, introducing talents
      • Each hero will have 5 sets of talents
      • Talents will unlock as you level your Hero, offering choices over time as you learn the nuances of your abilities.
      • They can range from passive bonuses, to mechanic changes, to completely removing a Power from your Power tree and replacing it with a new one.
      • These Talents occupy the Hero’s third Power tree, with all Active skills being migrated to the first two trees.


Nostalrius wants to divorce Elysium

  • Appears to be a philosophical problem – Nostalrius team doesn’t like their system being a “pirate” server instead of a “fan” server.
  • Elysium is going to replace Nostalrius servers with “equal or better”.  Nostalrius data will be purged.




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Chris talk to Standing Stone Games about their departure from Turbine


Final Fantasy XIV 3.5 – The Far Edge of Fate – trailer and patch notes

Promo site –

  • Longest. Trailer. Ever.
  • Lead up to the expansion
  • New Dungeon content
  • New Main Scenario Quests
  • Beast Tribe Quests
  • So much more…


The Repopulation appears to be coming back (?)

  • We have interviewed Josh from the team in the past
  • Hero Engine owner Idea Fabrik has acquired the game from Above and Beyond Technologies
  • Idea Fabrik will be taking over all development
  • A&B will be assisting with the transition
  • Some drama?


Quick Mentions:

GW2 Lunar New Year starts

  • Dragon Ball Arena & new achievement – not much else


Asheron’s Call Nostalgia – town tours


ESO Launching Housing on Feb 6 (PC) and Feb 21 (console)


Path of Exile launching on Xbox One!

Press Release

  • Launching “in 2017”


What are you playing next week?


  • Project Gorgon
  • DDO
  • WoW


  • WoW
  • Project Gorgon
  • DDO
  • Rift
  • Titanfall 2


GumpsGang : DDO, two more level to 30 (about 2 million xp) … FFXIV … Diablo 3


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