MMO Reporter 289 – Star-bound heroes

Chris and Bill blast off to discuss the latest and greatest news in the world of MMOs. Their first destination is Azroth, where they discuss the upcoming 7.2 patch, followed by a quick trip to the Ship of Heroes, and closing with some Rift news and other quick mentions.

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  • GW2
  • WoW


  • WoW
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn

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WoW Patch 7.2 out Tuesday


7.2 survival guide, including PTR notes

Key features:

  • “New” zone – Broken shore will become questable/playable (previously it was just the starting zone instance for legion, and some Demon Hunter quests)
  • New dungeon – Cathedral of night
  • New class-hall/order quest campaign
  • World-quest re-vamp. Bringing back demon invasions
    • Supposedly much harder than regular world quests
  • Pet battle dungeon!
  • PvP brawls
    • PvP “scenarios” with different rulesets, venues etc
    • Similar to Overwatch Arcade, maybe?
  • Flying!
  • Tab targeting is being improved – now can’t accidentally tab-target a mob that’s not in combat with you


Ship of Heroes Preview

  • Questions to ask:

1) What was the theme of this demo?

2) Is this a “world ship” for all of humanity?

3) How will leveling work?

4) Combat – anything new?

5) Character creator – What’s it like?

6) The business model – What’s it going to be?

7) Content Release Schedule

  • Kickstarter Launches on April 4th, 10AM EST. 5 week kickstarter




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Rift Producer’s Letter

  • Acknowledges the lack of end game content with the expansion
  • Talks about some of the struggles that the studio has had recently
    • Illnesses
    • Hardware Failures
    • Moving
  • Some things coming in the future:
    • Just around the corner is 4.1 and the introduction of Eternal Weapons. These come with an involved and long quest line to upgrade them to something truly epic for each calling.
    • A Planar Crafting Revamp that will lead to Best in Slot Helms and Ranged Weapons.
    • The 10-Man Raid “Tartaric Depths” will go live (also using the recent Looking for Raid feature).
    • New weekly quests are in the works.
    • Carnival follows right on the heels of that, as we celebrate an amazing 6 years of RIFT.
    • Next up, we have already started on update 4.2 (yeah, I know, great name, isn’t it? We’ll get a cooler title soon).
    • This will usher in a new level 70 zone! Looking back again for a moment, this has been something we have done with all our our major releases. We followed up our initial release with Ember Isle. Storm Legion was followed by The Dendrome; Nightmare Tide by Tyrants Throne and Plane Touched Wilds.
    • The new zone for Starfall Prophecy is Vostigar Peaks. As with the previous zone followups, this is a high end zone designed for max level players. There is even an elite area for level 70 group content. The lead image in this blog post is from this new zone!
    • On top of that, 4.2 will offer new daily and weekly quests with awesome rewards.
    • A full new quest line is in development, with much of the content replayable for max level players.
    • New zone events and at least two new Instant Adventure lines are on deck.
  • “Rift Challenges” server rulesets coming. Still early in development
    • Limited time server ruleset changes.
    • Some possibilities:
      • Hard mode
      • Super Buffed Mode
    • Specific Goals in mind, and will offer rewards for Live server characters.


Quick Mentions:

Final Fantasy XIV moving Data Centres.


New mount for the LOTRO Spring Festival


Super Adventure Box Returns to GW2
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