MMO Reporter 290 – How Many Destiny Panels?

Chris and Bill dredge up horrible memories of PAX Panels Past in their discussion of the Destiny 2 announcement, the revitilization of The Secret World, Final Fantasy XIV’s never ending trial and more!

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What we did in game:


  • GW2
  • WoW


  • WoW
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn

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Destiny 2 Announced – AND IT’S COMING TO PC!

    • Sept 8th launch date
    • Gameplay Premiere May 18th
    • $250USD for the Collector’s Edition (tempting?)
    • PS4 timed exclusive content
  • NATHAN FILLION IS CAYDE-6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Secret World “relaunching” as The Secret World Legends

  • Trailer:
  • Calling it a “shared world RPG”, not an MMORPG
  • NEW GAME, no carry-over of characters from The Secret World
    • Some Vanity items will carry
  • Old Version will still be playable
  • Free to Play
  • Will have Patron Rewards, aka Subscription




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Final Fantasy XIV never ending Trial?

  • Still some restrictions:
    • Free Trial Players are not required to purchase licensed software to use the Free Trial.
    • One (1) Free Trial account may be registered using a Square Enix account so long as that Square Enix account has not been previously registered with any version of the game.
    • Free Trial Players cannot make in-game micro transactions during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players can create only eight (8) playable characters, restricted to one (1) playable character per world.
    • Free Trial account characters have their level capped at level thirty five (35).
    • Free Trial account characters can obtain only a capped amount of in game currency (GIL).
    • Free Trial Players cannot use the “shout”, “yell” or “tell” in-game chat options during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players cannot access the in-game market board during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players cannot trade items with other players during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players cannot use the Mogletter service during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players cannot hire a retainer character during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players can join a Linkshell if invited, but cannot create a new Linkshell during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players cannot create or join a Free Company during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players can join a party if invited or by using the Duty Finder, but cannot assemble a party during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players cannot login to the Lodestone and or any other game forum during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players cannot progress past Floor 10 in the Deep Dungeon during the Free Trial.


WoW Patch 7.2 issues?

  • Mob scaling added to Legion
    • Bug making it scale incorrectly


Quick Mentions:

Guns of Icarus Alliance releases

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Club Penguin is Dead! Long Live Club Penguin (Island)


Last Man Standing – $10,000 monthly prizes?

  • Last Man Standing offers games at least $10,000 in monthly cash prizes to those at the top of the leaderboards, which are based on an individual’s top 10 performances each month (leaderboards reset after each month so you can’t sit on your legacy).
  • Along with monthly rewards, Last Man Standing also features seasonal tournaments for even more cash prizes.


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  • WoW
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn


  • WoW
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  • Diablo 3
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Guns of Icarus email

Guns of Icarus Alliance releases in under 24 hours!

Our release starts off with a bang as first Alliance event has a real prize pool. Streamers will become champions of their faction and charity fighting for $10,000 to a noble cause.

For two days, a private server will house a battle between streamers.

Their battles will affect the map and the real world! Viewer donations will turn into in-game resources to give their faction the edge. Every dollar becoming troops, walls, spies, and more.

So tune in for 48 hours of airship explosions, strategy, and good causes, cause we’re causing a bit of commotion in the skies! Over 60 streamers are playing with everyone from Trick2g to Crream joining in on the fun. You’ll be able to tell them apart from everyone else playing Guns of Icarus Alliance on twitch with their EXCLUSIVE gold tools.

The streamers will be fighting for one of four factions.

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For more information on Guns of Icarus Alliance-

Guns of Icarus Alliance Store Page

Presskit with video.

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