MMO Reporter 294 – E3 Excitement

Chris and Bill dive into the mass of announcements coming from LA and E3 to bring you the news that matters to you. With new game announcements, updates and more, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Fishing Planet IRL


  • WoW
  • ESO


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E3 Announcements:

ESO announces two new DLC:

  • The Horns of the Reach
    • Two New Dungeons
      • Falkreath Hold
      • Bloodroot Forge
    • New items and achievements
    • Free with ESO+, available for crowns
    • Releases in August
  • Clockwork City:
    • Sotha Sil’s lair
    • “10 hours of fresh content”
    • Releases “later this year”

Also announces update to the base game:

  • Morrowind owners will get a new Battleground Map and Ruleset
  • New homes, Crown Crates and Events


Black Desert Online announced for XBox One


Skull and Bones

  • Sandbox with a “shared open world”
  • Looks like the ship combat from Black Flag
  • Sea of thieves anyone?



  • Sanbox with “passive multiplayer” but can also be played solo
  • PC and XBox exclusive



  • Shared world action RPG
  • Destiny-ish
  • Customizable suits of iron-man style armour
  • Bioware – YEAH STORY!




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Quick Mentions:

Everquest players voting on next step for Lockjaw Progression Server

  • Yes or no on Planes of Power?


Who wants Dinosaurs in their fantasy MMO?

See Press Release Bellow

  • Tomb of Annihilation expansion will add a new jungle zone with DINOSAURS!


Runescape releases Menaphos expansion

See Press Release below


Gigantic State of the Game

  • <Notes>


What are you playing next week?


  • ESO
  • WoW
  • Guild Wars 2


  • ESO
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Runescape Press Release



Hidden in plain sight for 12 years, discover new quests, gain reputation, and unearth the secrets consuming the city as the countdown to an all-access open weekend begins.

Cambridge, UK – June 5, 2017 – Menaphos: The Golden City, the first in Jagex’s large-scale RuneScape Expansions, has been released today for the MMORPG. Released free for RuneScape members, Menaphos: The Golden City finally unlocks the gates to the desert city, which have been visible in-game, but remained firmly closed, for more than a decade.

The largest single-day content release in RuneScape’s 16-year history, Menaphos: The Golden City features four brand-new story quests, procedurally-generated City Quests, a new Slayer Dungeon, an increased level cap of 120 for the popular Slayer skill, a maze-like Shifting Tombs mini-game and a graphical overhaul of the entire in-game desert region.

Enabling all gamers to experience Menaphos, an open access weekend will be held from this Friday, June 9 through to Monday, June 12, allowing non-members the chance to explore the expansion and the wider RuneScape world of Gielinor… for free.

While largely an expansion for mid- and high-level players, Menaphos: The Golden City will be accessible to newcomers to the MMORPG. On completion of a three-part questline that takes them across the desert sands to the city itself, they can explore the area and discover its many collectibles, benefit from the 5% buff on all skill training, and take part in City Quests, before using Menaphos as a jumping-off point into the rest of RuneScape’s world.

“Players have been intrigued to find out what’s behind the closed doors of Menaphos for 12 years, so we’re really excited to finally reveal all. When we announced the first in the RuneScape Expansions would be The Golden City at RuneFest last year, the reception we received was incredible,” said David Osborne, Lead Designer, RuneScape. “We really hope they enjoy the adventure we’ve created, as well as the many secrets held within the city walls that we’re letting them discover for themselves!”



The official gameplay trailer can be downloaded here:




New Expansion Takes Adventurers to the Jungles of Chult to Locate the Source of a Mysterious Death Curse
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – June 2, 2017 – Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of free-to-play MMORPGs, and Cryptic Studios announced Neverwinter: Tomb of Annihilation is coming to PC on July 25and arrives later on Xbox One and PlayStation®4. Based on the storyline announced at the Stream of Annihilation currently broadcasting, Neverwinter’s marquee expansion for 2017 brings death to Faerûn in the form of a mysterious curse. Adventurers will lead a large expedition to the faraway land of Chult, where they will explore a new jungle zone, experience heroic encounters with undead and discover the source of the death curse ravaging Faerûn in a new campaign.
Watch the teaser trailer for Tomb of Annihilation:
Neverwinter’s Harpers seek to end the wickedness of a new death curse on the jungle peninsula of Chult, sending adventurers on an expedition to a land infested with Yuan-ti, undead and dinosaurs. Beginning at the new social hub of Port Nyanzaru, adventurers will explore various regions of Chult to uncover the evil behind the curse annihilating the people of Faerûn. Adventurers can team up with old friends Minsc, Boo, Celeste, the famed explorer Volothamp Geddarm, and an unexpected ally.

The twelfth expansion to Neverwinter brings new content including a Tomb of Annihilation campaign, end-game dungeon, monster hunts with the legendary Volo, a jungle adventure zone inhabited by dinosaurs and social hub for weary travelers. Additional details about Neverwinter: Tomb of Annihilation will be revealed in the coming weeks on PlayNeverwinter.comand will be detailed in a follow-up release when the expansion launches on July 25.

To find out more information about the storyline of Tomb of Annihilationfrom tons of streamers, Hollywood actors, and the Dungeons & Dragons team, check out the Stream of Annihilation on The Stream of Annihilation will be running on June 2 & 3 from 10am to 10pm PT with more announcements and live D&D play featuring all our guests, including Thomas Foss, Neverwinter’s lead designer. More information on the Stream of Annihilation can be found here: